Now from Michigan a Probate court is going to decide Blogger’s rights in Probate


In this case, one family blogging about THEIR OWN probate case became the victim of the court appointed lawyers demanding that the family cease and desist from posting, from saying things about certain attorneys involved in the case–and incredulously, the judge is listening and the attorney is billing for suppressing First Amendment Rights.

The blog in question is and I believe our stories are similar.

Within hours of the site launching March 19, emails from the family’s former attorney show Siporin demanded the site be shut down, threatening to send cease-and-desist letters to get the site shuttered.
Siporin then sent the family legal documents demanding to know who essentially gave Tom freedom of speech and the ability to talk about how he feels when not at Rainbow. Siporin – who claims to have several degrees and to have worked as an auditor for 30+ years in the corporate setting at organizations such as Arthur Andersen  – even went so far as to demand to know any authors (along with any addresses) of press releases on the site.
And most recently in his legal response to Anand’s petition to be removed as guardian – in a pile of paperwork left at the family’s doorstep and not signed for by anyone – Siporin asks the family court judge to “…redact all specific references to persons or organizations associated with this case published in the Learn From Tom (sic) blog.”
Siporin also asks the probate court to order the site to “redact” what he alleges are “false and/or misleading statements.” It’s unclear what is meant by this, Anand says, as no proofs are offered.
I will be contacting the professors mentioned in the article and see if they can help my case.
Many of my clients are now left without representation.

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