Abuse and Corruption Rampant in Probate Court of Cook County, IL

Nancy J. Thorner

The end of life has many challenges for the elderly.  It can be a fast or a long goodbye and might involve a transition to assisted living, a nursing home, or a live-in caretaker. 

Now is the time to guard against opportunists, who like vultures are circling to claim flesh, whether the person is alive or dead, even if a large sum of money isn’t involved.  For elder abuse bi-passes color, race or creed and extends also to disabled children. 

Although the presence of wealth often brings out the worst in human kind, preying on the elderly can amount to nothing more than gaining access to the individual’s monthly Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security or Veterans Disability payments.  

Twenty percent of the elderly are subject to elder abuse.  Nine times out of ten the abuse is done by lawyers they trust.  Having developed a rapport with their lawyer, the elderly client signs over control of their personal and financial…

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