From NASGA–Las Vegas couple given 3 options–police, psych ward or nursing home!

Darcy Spears: Did you feel like you and your wife were kidnapped out of your own home?
Rudy North: We were kidnapped and raped. Both.

Maybe not literally, but Rudy and Rennie North feel like they were violated–stripped of the life they were living together for 60 years.

He cared for her through her cancer and claims they were doing just fine.

Until a knock on their door in the Fall of 2013.

“They said they were officers of the court.”

Rudy says “the officers” gave the couple three options.

“One: We call the police. Two: We have you go to a psychiatric ward.”

Choice three? An assisted living facility.

Of course, the “professional” guardian denies it, but many confirm this is how she acts.

With total power to put the elderly in a nursing home, no one doubts this guardian threatens all the elders with police or a nursing home.

The target of this probate based pirate attack?  Apparently the couple had a large expensive art collection.


2 thoughts on “From NASGA–Las Vegas couple given 3 options–police, psych ward or nursing home!

  1. In Seminole County, this so-called Guardian told us ” I tell the Judges what to do and who goes to jail.”

    • If the guardian is an attorney, report him or her to the attorney disciplinary board. In any case, report the Guardian to the police for extortion, fraud, etc. Get a report number and follow up with the police to ensure charges are filed.

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