From Miami Florida again-study shows guardianships have little oversight and a lot of problems

A telling and chilling quote from the article, where one woman contracted brain tape worms from eating tainted meat served by her employer, she received a multi million dollar settlement, but lives in a dilapidated apartment with a “professional guardian” in charge of all her money.

“Deep inside me, I knew something wasn’t right with what they did,” Waters says. “But they have neckties and license to do what they did… I didn’t know how to handle the system.”

This is just another case where the attorneys, their case managers and supervisors, tied in nurses, etc. get paid hundreds of dollars per hour, while leaving the “ward” in dilapidated housing, no access to their funds, often isolated from friends and family, and then it’s drain, drain, drain the estate.

In hindsight, there were conflicts of interest from the beginning. For Royal Caribbean, placing a stranger in charge of her case was more manageable than an ex-employee who believed her life had been ruined by the company. Waters might demand a jury trial, but a guardian would settle. The company was even allowed to suggest a candidate: Jacqueline Hertz.

Hertz is a major figure in Miami’s insular system. A Bronx native who was a paralegal before becoming a professional guardian in 1999, she now oversees roughly a dozen wards per year, more than anyone else in the county. Between her company, Jacqueline Hertz & Associates, and several other businesses with elder-friendly names, she makes enough to rent an office next to Mount Sinai Hospital and own a $1 million house near the golf course on North Shore Drive in Miami Beach. Her husband, Stephen, is an attorney who sometimes represents her in guardianship cases. ­Jacqueline Hertz has never been charged with a crime or investigated for wrongdoing.

Hmm. Interesting.  Jacqueline Hertz actually HAS been charged with a crime (actually many felonies of elder abuse) by Barbara Stone.

I am not surprised to see Jacqueline Hertz’s name in this article.

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