From Ken Ditowsky–An Apology is demanded from Jerome Larkin to Diane Nash

The ARDC boasted in its 2013 Annual Report  it owns $1.2 million in furniture, but it could not find a $10 stool for Mrs. Nash, who is a probate victim and famed civil rights activist from the 1960’s, honored and awarded repeatedly.  Mr. Larkin and his staff did not even know who she was, did not ask, and did not accommodate this elderly lady of justice while Attys Opryszek and Smart took up valuable chairs in the front and deprived an elderly Queen of Civil Rights the seat she justly deserved.  You didn’t ask, you didn’t think and you didn’t act when you should have.  Shame on you all–Joanne
Dear Mr. Larkin,
The barring Ms. Diane Nash from the hearing room during the facade of a hearing on the 9th of April was so rude and so wrong that it is incomprehensible that a civil rights activist heroine from the 1960’s should be treated in such a manner by the elite oligarchy of the ARDC that they so be so instantly disrespectful and dismissive of her.  This woman was a key player in the 1960’s and was so valuable she received a call from the President, imploring her not to demonstrate (peacefully), not to call the public to action.  Of course, she thanked the President (that’s right, of the US) for his call and for his concern and politely declined.   The rest is history.
Obviously, the ARDC is so arrogant so as to think that Mr. Larkin’s trampling upon the First Amendment rights of Ms. Denison has not garnered national attention from celebrities and those who demand a return to truth and justice in our court system.  Ms. Nash has been featured on Oprah, she has met numerous celebrities and dignitaries through the Oprah and other shows she has been featured on and has repeatedly received awards and honors for her courage and truth in action.  I for one, would not be the one to ever, ever exclude such a strong and leading lady in our nation from supporting justice in the Cook County Court System.  Some day, believe me, she will be on a postage stamp honoring civil rights leaders, but as for you, Mr. Larkin, you will be featured in the books, movies and documentaries of these probate victims as ……
That’s all Mrs. Nash was there for.  To show her support for honesty and justice.
I would not like to be the one answering to mega media, mega Hollywood, such as Ophra and her staff, one day as to why I treated Mrs. Nash with disrespect and did not even know who she was.
No one from the ARDC even asked her who she was.
Ms. Nash, as a young beautiful woman is featured in the movie Selma.  It is available on Netflix, Amazaon and Ebay.  Please rent or purchase a copy today and then figure out how you feel about Mrs. Nash’s treatment.
And oh, btw, Mrs. Nash is also a probate victim, with necessary discovery repeatedly quashed in her case.  We’ll see how that turns out.
The arrogance of Mr. Larkin is astounding on all levels.  He knew not whom he excluded from that hearing room.  Final count was 10 probate victims!  Ms. Denison argued to the ARDC there should be 0 probate victims.  Many went upstairs to the 15th floor to file and refile their complaints.  Some were still scared to do so.  THREE ATTORNEYS SAT ON THAT PANEL AND HAVING NOTICE OF NUMEROUS SUFFERING PROBATE VICTIMS IN THEIR AUDIENCE, TOOK NOT ONE STEP TO INVESTIGATE OR REPORT.  THEY JUST WALKED AWAY.
That’s right, on that fateful date of Ms. Denison’s hearing, no less than 3 attorneys sat on the panel, heard there were 8 to 10 probate victims who had suffered horrors of injustice in the Illinois, court system, and after hearing, they just got up and walked away.
No one asked who these people were.  No one asked them to file a complaint except for me.
On that date, I found out that my prosecutor at the Review Board was Mr. Steven Splitt, a professor of Ethics at John Marshall Law School
Shame on you “Attorney” Splitt for prosecuting an honest attorney that is cleaning up our courts, getting rid of judges and attorneys that don’t care about the suffering and messes they create.
Will you be putting this case on an exam?  Will you go to your next class and be honest and tell the class you were in an ARDC hearing and prosecuted an innocent attorney who was defamed, denigrated, libeled, slandered, held up in a false light–all by the Illinois government?  Will you tell your students that Probate has become not a hall of justice in Illinois, but a the place for “let’s make a deal” and “seniors for cash”.  That they will be entering a justice system where it is condoned by the Illinois court system to “target, isolate, medicate, eliminate and cremate;”  our seniors and disableds, that they will hear horror stories of innocent family members being unjustly defamed, libeled, slandered, held in a false light, all so some connected attorneys can grab a fast buck?  Will you be honest now?  Will you warn them?
(Of course, the corollary to this question is, if a large percentage of lawyers in Chicago are John Marshall graduates, then, exactly what did John Marshall teach them about legal ethics?  That they can walk away from intense pain and suffering with impunity?  That it is okay to be a living heart donor?)
Please start to be honest.  Please DEMAND THAT THE ARDC DO IT’S JOB AND INVESTIGATE these horrific probate  cases.
Mrs. Cooper brought her stack of complaints to the ARDC that were dismissed with rude and supercilious correspondence, out of hand, but it was her mother’s 29 gold teeth that had been pulled, with a feeding tube laced with drugs at one end and a diaper at the other, for months on end, clearly isolated to cover up this crime, she quickly died at the hands of the 18th floor–but only after $1.5 million disappeared from her balance sheet–all without an investigation she repeatedly demanded of the ARDC.
You owe it to the State of Illinois and the public to make a public apology to Ms Nash and to dismiss the proceedings against Ms. Denison.    I understand why you object to any HONEST investigation of the elder cleansing scandal – while your rationale is wrong, *****.  
However, the aforesaid insults to America is totally unacceptable.
Ms. Nash is an icon.    If you watched the movie “Selma” or if you studied your history you would know that to those of us who respect the core values of America Ms. Nash is a true heroine of the highest caliber and morals.    She was one of the moving forces in the March in Selma and in the Civil Rights movement.    She showed great courage.   Your excluding her from the hearing was a ‘slap in the face’ to every honest American believing in an inalienable and divine right to human and civil rights and liberties.     There can be no justifiable reason for excluding Ms. Nash from the hearing room except pure and simple arrogance and disrespect.  There was room for her, with $1.2 million in furniture on your balance sheet certainly, you could have found her a $10 wooden stool from Walmart and that would have sufficed so she could watch her chosen probate counsel being lambasted by Mr. Splitt for a half hour).
Even an insincere apology is better than none at all.    The apology would be an acknowledgment that civility and honest are still respected hallmarks of Illinois.    
Today, all too often form trumps substance .     To allow this instant outrage to go apologized for degrades you so greatly that even those of us who have no respect for you feel aggrieved and exhibit pity for you.  Your dishonor reflects badly on us – and we do not like it.    There is no joy in seeing another human being so pernicious as to defame himself!
Ken Ditkowsky
 (edited by Joanne)
And I would like to further note for the record–
Recent studies show that while the majority of law school students are now female, but after having been licensed, and upon beginning work, a huge percentage of them drop out of the profession.  Is this statistic telling us something?  As a mother of 4 children, I spent years and sleepless nights raising my children and being there for them.  I am now their “momma bear” who would take out anyone and scream to the rafters (as Barbara Stone is doing now in Florida for her mother) who would try to harm them or guardianize them and stick them in some sort of dirty, nasty Illinois nursing home for a buck.  Barbara Stone has given up 2 law licenses, in New York and in Florida because quickly she found that the bar associations of those two states want to protect the attorneys who have forced her mother out of her own home, forced Barbara to leave the family home, put in place two caregivers who are now Helen Stone’s new family and bodyguards, within months, Helen Stone was rushed to the hospital dehydrated and starved, with pneumonia, lacerations, contusions, sores and rashes where she spent 3 weeks recovering–and who was protected?  The “guardian”, GAL, attorneys and judge.  Barbara wears a leg bracelet for “interfering with custody” when she filed complaint after complaint with all who would listen, they filed false charges against her.  $1.5 million is missing in her mother’s case.  $600k was taken by her brother in forged checks and while Barbara Stone screams out about it,
This is the type of suffering probate victimization you supported Mr. Splitt.
As for myself, I condemn it.  Vociferously, repeatedly, unashamed and unabated, until this conduct ends.  It is only attorneys and judges acting badly.  Horrifically bad.
We do not have disableds for cash.
Go teach that.

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    -John Adams

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