Another amazing argument to the ARDC to simply do something about the crisis in the courts!

Today was oral argument at the ARDC promptly at 9:30 and I paid $200 to have  a private court reporter there to record what I said.  I didn’t trust the ARDC after the last time the transcript was changed so I hired my own.

But when she arrived, she was told she could not set up, and the clerk said he would check with the panel and get back to her.  I was busy preparing for the argument and looking over my notes and never realized she did not set up and no one got back to her.

So they blocked my court reporter, successfully again.

But to my amazement, 10 probate victims showed up and filled the little galley. In fact,there were so many probate victims, they made Diane Nash, a celebrated civil rights hero stand outside the court room!  They could have made room, they could have brought in chairs. But the ARDC does not do such things. They want everything kept as small as possible and always covered up.

So, instead of Diane Nash, who is taking up a valuable chair (wasted space, you ask me) none other than Attys Opryszek and Smart who wondered who all the victims were.

Below is my argument.  I didn’t get everything in within the alloted 20 minutes to start and then 10 minutes reserved for reply, but I did get a whole lot in.

And Gloria, thankfully showed up, told her the ARDC striking her testimony was bogus and that she was an award winning journalist and she would have testified I was at the hearings and she gave me and approved of what was on the blog. Thank goodness.  Thank Gloria.  Shaggy was there too and I’m glad Gloria had him because it helps her and he is a beautiful, sweet animal.


I told the ARDC panel that I counted 8 to 10 probate victims in the gallery and that there should not be any,  there should be zero.  I also told them all had filed complaints only to get nonsensical letters back shrugging their duty to investigate and discipline the attorneys involved.

I also told the panel that the ARDC during trial could not even get past my Exhibit A where Sheriff Dart wrote a letter Mary was never served. So is Steven Splitt calling the Sheriff a liar? Why does he get to do that?  Where is the service upon Mary? Where is the service upon Mary’s elder sisters 14 days in advance of the date, time and place to guardianize.  Nowhere, that’s where that resides.

The rest of the argument is below.  I didn’t get it all in for all of my beloved probate and court corruption victims, but I did do my best.

Hang tight, maybe there is a bit of hope that the Review Board will see thru all the nonsense and clear me of these highly bogus charges.  It really is all fraud on the court and none of them are immune from that.

You know the mantra is target, isolate, medicate, drain and eliminate.  I looked right at these older gentlemen (I hope they are that) and told them, that not a one of them is immune from this travesty.  I know judges and lawyers (Belanger from New York) who have become targets, placed in locked down nursing homes, medicated and isolated and then eliminated when the money was gone.

I pointed to Mrs. Cooper in the galley and said her 99 year old mother’s 29 gold teeth were pulled right after she was isolated from 20+ friends and family, and then when the money was gone, they killed her.  Her arms and legs were like sticks. She was starved and dehydrated to death.  The ARDC sent her a nonsensical letter why they would not investigate.

What is going on?

This blog tells the truth, it provides a forum. When justice in the courts have deserted us, it is a tradition to turn to the media. The media is not to blame for the news. We do not kill the messenger. This is not North Korea–yet.

So please know I am fighting for all your human and civil rights. The way we treat grandma is atrocious.  Alan Frake is well drugged for months.  If he didn’t have dementia before, he has it now.  Permanently.  His legs are like sticks and bones too. Thank you, court appointed attorneys. So what does the Sunrise Park Ridge Nursing home hanging in the lobby?  “Bring us a patient and we pay you $2,000?”  Wrong, so wrong on so many, many levels.

So how many of those $2,000 checks have probate attorneys and GAL’s pocketed for handing over seniors. Seniors for cash, if you ask me.



First of all, I would like to thank you 3 lawyers for being here and listening to me about the problems and issues in the Probate division, not just in Illinois, but across the nation.  I hope you go home and tell your friends and family.  I hope you direct hopeless guardianship cases where the family has no money to me.    I am their hope and their only salvation, that I know of.  You remove me and all that is gone.

I can give you a list of the clients I serve pro bono or for very low cost.  There is about 30 of them.  Let me know if the 3 of you want to split these probono, some homeless, some unwashed clients among you and I will send them to you. Gladly.  As long as you take care of them, fine by me.  I will retire.  I will be happy. Truly.

I pointed to the Galley and noted there were about 10 probate victims sitting there who are demanding justice for their cases.   I explained that there should be ZERO probate victims sitting out there.  To have even one is a great tragedy.

The standard tale, and the one which is the basis of the sykes case is : target, guardianize, isolate, medicate and eliminate when the money is gone.  It is this mantra that is now repeated just about every day across the US, in case you didn’t know.  Now you know.  Now you can read the probate blogs.
And I am also glad you are here because now you know about my blog.  Now you can do something and take action to clean everything up.  To instill the public’s faith once again in the judiciary and make it a place of justice for the public and not just mega corporations.

So let’s talk about the briefs and case law.

It is completely interesting that Steven split and his brief goes on and on about cases where the attorney either ranted and raved at the court and swore at the judges, or they just went plain nuts.

That is clearly not this case.  My blog consists of thousands of posts since Nov. 2011 and it is up to now almost 80,000 views and all of the comments (over 500) are helpful and supportive.

No one questions my blog except those who have their hands in the cookie jar.  Stern, Farenga and Schmeidel.

Melissa Smart said my blog is like “yelling fire in an open theatre” but I see no evidence of any life threatening stamped in any courthouse or government agency.  I don’t even see any life threatening stampede to fill out complaints against lawyers and judges because after publishing the truth and the law on my blog.  This truth I tell  is not just the truth on my blog, but also on dozens of  otherprobate blogs–NASGA, Probate Sharks,,,, etc.  the public is clamouring for truth and justice in the court system.

The ARDC also continues to cite non appellate court decisions in their briefs, and no one mentions that is against the rules of the Blue Book printed by Harvard or the Red Book printed by Stanford.

They never explain that or apologize why they resort to their own low level hearing board decisions (Steven Splitt then went on to cite a 1964 Louisiana court of appeals decision regarding some criminal lawyer that said something defamatory during a trial.  I responded with, the South is where Mr. Hustler went up against Jerry Falwell all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court before SCOTUS said he had a right to make fun of Jerry Falwell in a Compari ad in a scathing manner).

The reality is in 1959 the Supreme Court of the US made it clear in the Sawyer case–a case where Hawaii wasn’t even part of the union, that lawyers have the right to bring up, discuss, debate even criticize and condemn, a law, a court, a decision.  The Peel cases and other cases make it clear that an attorney can discuss anything about a case as long as it does not influence a jury. In Peel he wanted to advertise he was a trial specialist. The Supreme Court said that the First Amendment covered his truthful proclamations via advertising.   The ARDC told him to shut up.  The Illinois Supreme Court said he has a first amendment right to advertise freely and truthfully.  In the Chicago Counsel of Lawyers case, they made it clear that attorneys can speak up as long as they don’t influence juries. The probate cases have none of that.  You have a better chance of being struck by lightening than getting a jury trial in a probate case.

The ARDC opines, but then again, what about writing a blog that causes people to file more papers in court?  Well, there is no such theory in the US at least for blame the media and kill the messenger.  This is not North Korea and the ARDC does not have to be the arbiter of truth for attorney blogs.

We have a very thriving and popular and hopefully unfettered open democracy in the US.  For the ARDC to say we cannot encourage pro se filings, that’s wrong.   Gloria Sykes is the epitome of the common woman who is outspoken and she requested and supported my blog.  Her family requested and supported my blog (Kathie and Yolanda) Gloria is a well known award winning investigative reporter. The ARDC and the probate attorneys in 09 P 4585 are not going to get her to shut up about the corruption in her case.  I’m not going to shut up about the corruption in her case.

The ARDC in it’s briefs says my case law is no good because the cases of Loving, Alvarez and Citizen’s United did not involved lawyers, well yes they did.  I believe there were 4 lawyers involved in the making of the Hillary scathing film based on scathing inuendos and accusations against the Clintons, right before an election and in direct conflict with FTC law.  SCOTUS that law must fall in face of the first amendment.  Who was one of the lawyers involved? Ann Coulter, okay I’m not Ann Coulter and I don’t have her massive reactionary following (or her platinum blonde hair) , but what if what I had to say was suddenly deemed less important?  I admit my following is the hoi poli, the kulaks, the peons, the unwashed masses, the homeless and those with no power and no hope and what the ARDC presented were one judge (who has since suddenly resigned, anyone want to hear the real story, and 3 connected and powerful probate attorneys–Farenga, Stern and Schmeidel, testified and were given automatic glory.  Judge Stuart testified, but she lied and 6 weeks later she was gone from the bench.  But she did get a cake and lots of flowers!
Our country is quickly turning into an oligarchy with mega corporations winning 70% of the time in court. What happened to the rights of the common person?

The family testified and was told to get lost, they were stupid and they should shut up. Go ahead and read what Sang Yul Lee said to them, how he treated them.  As if he were a diety and they were the peasants, the peons, the kulaks, the slaves.

Judge Kowamoto suddenly retired because I posted truthfully about Alice Gore–Bev Cooper–she is here right now, want to ask her, they isolated her mother, drugged her and pulled 29 gold teeth.  Is this how we treat our elders.  And I don’t care if it was “stupervised” by the 18th floor of the daley center, the truth is still the truth and the ONLY PEOPLE WHO DON’T LIKE THE TRUTH COMING OUT ARE THOSE THAT ARE LIVING A LIE.

Btw, that was from Patrick Henry and of course when he asked give me liberty or give me death, they eventually gave him death, but it was only for telling the truth.

I have been practicing law for 30 years.  In all my practice, I have never seen the lawlessness in the courts of the past 5 years.  In the 50 years Ken Ditkowsky practices, he has noted on the blog the extreme lawlessness in the last 5 years.

I ask myself, what has changed.  Where is the change coming from.

(This is where I talk about what I recently found from a blog fan that provided me with the following and how I did contact Lisa Madigan, Anita Alvarez and Diane Saltoun and at first they said they would investigate, they would help, and then later I get a letter saying they don’t do probate court corruption.  I wondered why, the below explains why.  Lisa Madigan is not the daughter of Mike Madigan.  Her mother remarried and her real name is Murray and she is the daughter of Joel Murray, a known mob lawyer from New York that represented some major drug dealers.  Out of no where the guy purchases an airline cheap–no experience in airliners, but see Ken’s story on how the price of fish goes up when DEA inspects them!  Later he sells it for tens of millions in profits.  Now it all makes sense)

I look at Jerome Larkin’s property records and I see $1.2 million in repeated mortgages on a simple home in Wilmette.  Sharon Oprzyek says “don’t talk about private property records” but they’re not, they’re on the internet.

Melissa Smart buys a condo and pays off the loan in 2 years.  Did she do that or someone else?  Pay off her loan, is what I mean. Can I subpoena that?  No. The ARDC shuts down all reasonable subpoenas, just like they shut down discovery on the 18th floor of the daley center (sykes case and reichert/monaghan case) Not surprising.

The ARDC does not file ethics reports. The OPG does not file ethics reports. Go ahead and check, no one was surprised by all of that.  They’re an Illinois government agency, they have to file.  Read the Illinois Ethics Act of 2009. The attorneys on the 18th floor before getting involved in an estate should file ethics reports and disclose where their investments are, who pays off their mortgages for them and any nursing home or other bribe based influences they garner.

Gov. Rauner yesterday said it was unethical for attorneys and litigants to appear in front of judges they give campaign donations to.  That is nothing compared to what is going on on the 18th floor.

This is nothing compared to that statement.  The non filing of ethics complaints in contradiction to clear Illinois law?  The inability to serve subpoenas when you litigant’s attorney has suprising property payoffs. It won’t happen in Illinois

The reality is, I run a blog.  I publish what others write because it is newsworthy.  Now about 80% of the American public gets their news from independent blogs.

As Mark Twain quipped, if you don’t read the news, you’re not informed. If you read the news you are misinformed.

Blogs have changed all of that. I get emails and news and tips and information each and every day.  I publish most if it if it seems reasonable.  The purpose of publishing the tips and opinions is to INFORM the public in a free and open democratic society.  I believe in a free and open an democratic society, I believe in free and open and transparent courts.

I encourage comments and do not turn them away–ever. The ARDC did not address that or investigate it. They did not submit any comments, ever.

The world has changed and it is now electronic and on the interent. The internet is free and open and democratic.  You don’t like something, you post a comment.  People like your comment, it rises to the top.

Schmeidel, Farenga and Stern don’t like the blog, they don’t like their Google search pages. Well, as I posted on the blog, you want your popularity to rise in Google, do something good, publish it and then have people click on it and say they like it. I just Googled the 3 of them and no charitable, selfless acts, none. No rise in popularity as of last night on Google for them.  So I am not the cause of their Google demise.  Don’t blame me.  I am the blogger, the media.

Maybe the ARDC does not like the fact that Google now rules in many areas, and that Google is sanctioned by a free and open and democratic society, but this is not the 1960’s.  We have electronic filings, we have the internet, we have blogs.  People turn to the blogs when they find frustration with the court system, the government not responding to valid claims. They have an unfettered right to do this. And if my blog were just a lying, thieving, diatribe no one would visit it, and the comments would be scathing. That is not the case.  I have people right her and right now, probate blogging experts that will tell you that my blog is one of the best. That is because Ken Ditkowsky and other attorneys post on it. Barbara Stone and Candice Schawagger have posted.  Lisa Belanger from New York has posted about her case.   Many probate attorneys swimming upstream and fighting this system agree we have to do this.  We have to have truth and justice and a reasonable probate system for the public to be safe. The ARDC refused to investigate this and report.

I am here to blog about the Sykes case and all other troubled probate cases.  I want to know why?. I would like the ARDC to do honest, competent and thorough investigations and not lie to the public (Gloria Sykes has been guardianized and Adam Stern is her guardian, how shame ful is that missive).

I am not going much into the briefs, they speak for themselves.  There is plenty of case law. If you want to cite contrary to the Red Book or Blue Book of citation, go right ahead but I am stating for the record it is a weak position. It’s the stuff of sharp practice by lawyers.  The ARDC will never admit this, but they know who they are. They know the games they play and these are dangerous games. Dangerous games in the face of truth, and light and justice.

And while you might dismiss Ken Ditkowsky’s writ of cert you should know that it was chosen as Brief of the Month by the Supreme Court Press and it was featured on Cooper’s Corners, a cable show for 250,000 households in chicago.

The truth is, the media and blogs will not be stopped. The public’s clamour for truth and justice at the Daley center will not be stopped.

The ARDC has repeatedly refused to investigate major cases of attorneys and judges acting badly, namely, Sykes, Gore, Wyman, Bedin, Frake, Richards, Tyler, Durham and others, and they continue to do so. They write nonsensical letters back to the victims and their families. The probate courts run amok with no licensing of professional guardians, no oversight of the attorneys there billing tens of thousands of dollars and up to estates. There is no regulation and control.  No one is licensed.  No one is supervised. There is no complaint department.  You write to Lisa Madigan, Anita Alvarez and Diane Saltoun and they told me “they don’t do that”. Then the ARDC says “they don’t do that.”  The SCOI says if you want to investigate the ARDC, ask Tom Zimmerman. Tom Zimmerman (appointed by Blago) says, I see nothing wrong here.

What has happened? Where did Lady Justice go?  Who will stand up and say the Emporer has no clothes, will it be you, or will you all wait for the investigators and bloggers to come after you?

Justice is truth in action. I believe in the US and Illinois constitutions, I took an oath.  I believe in the Goddess of Justice and the God of Truth standing at the headquarters of the DOJ in washington, well that was until Cheny had to pay for $8k in curtain to cover up one of her boobs.  But nonetheless, she still stands there today with her deity also Sprit of Justice, name not mentioned, but I did find a website mentioning Tyr and Dike for a male god of justice.

So I google myself and what do I find, a website–disbarring the critics:
“The assumption that respect for the judiciary can be won by shielding judges from published criticism wrongly appraises the character of American public opinion….[A]n enforced silence, however limited, solely in the name of preserving the dignity of the bench, would probably engender resentment, suspicion, and contempt much more than it would enhance respect.” Justice Hugo Black, Bridges v. California (1951)
I want to thank everyone for coming here today to listen to what I have to say.  I hope everyone takes it to heart and knows that we simply have to do a better job in Chicago.  There is just no dispelling the fact that in survey after survey for years and years Illinois is the tops in corruption.  I want that to stop here and now.  I want it to start with everyone present here today.
Thank you.

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