From C-Span, the Congressional Hearings on Elder Financial Abuse

A good link to see what the Federal Government intends to do about all of these problems:

While the chair from Maine talks mainly (pun intended?) about family members taking finanacial advantage of elders, it is our experience that combined with these issues are then the probate courts and guardianships take advantage of that senior in their target-isolate-medicate-drain and eliminate programs now bustling in the nation’s probate courts and for which victims are becoming mightly vociferous in their objections to having a feeding tube implanted at one end, a diaper at the other and then the nursing home does little to nothing for $5k, $10k and sometimes even $15k per year.

If that isn’t severe abuse, torture and financial exploitation, I don’t know what else is.  Atty Helen Stone’s case is a classic example of that. Brother takes $625k and she reports it, and a g-ship is opened.  Two miscreants are appointed that drain $1.4 million in 20 months.  Mrs. Helen Stone now has a feeding tube at one end and a diaper at the other.  While paying for a nursing home, she is assigned aides to ensure the case is never documented, that the family is isolated from her, and the feeding tube is laced with a deadly combination of psychotropic drugs never dispensed in accord with Florida law which declares in Section 364 that chemical restraints, incluidng holding a person down to shoot them up with psychotropic drugs is never a part of any approved therapy or treatment for a mental disease or defect–and in Mrs. Helen Stone’s case, she never even had a mental disease or defect.  She should have a guardianship limited to the recovery for financial exploitation and nothing else.

So, we will keep on writing to these Senators and keep on documenting these cases.



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