From Ken Ditkowsky–for black history month, Mr. Amu was practicing law while being black!

The practice of law encompasses not only representing a client but also the maintenance of an environment in which the citizens have confidence in the Judicial System.      Unfortunately, the organized bar and the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission (and the Supreme Court of Illinois) have taken the position that what the public does not know about the Judicial system will not hurt them.    Ergo, 18 USCA 371 cover-ups are the Rule and not the exception.
To Illustrate, the Illinois Supreme Court has put forth the Himmel decision wherein it decreed that Lawyers much report unethical activity to the IARDC; however, in the Amu case when an American of African Dissent reported corrupt practices of four Judges over about a half decade of practice he was summarily suspended in a racially tinged proceeding for three years.      When I requested an HONEST complete and comprehensive investigation of the very suspicious practices occurring in the Mary Sykes case 09 P 4585 I was suspended for four years even though it was apparent to everyone that the miscreants failed to even bother to comply with the jurisdictional statutory requirements and were in direct violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act.     When JoAnne Denison picked up the request for an investigation in her blog, even though the State Statute provided immunity for both she and me 320 ILCS 20/4 and her blog was entitled to the protection of 47 USCA 230 Mr. Jerome Larkin (administrator of the IARDC) sought a three years suspension and an interim suspension.
So much for the Rule of Law and so much for the FIRST AMENDMENT TO THE UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION.      Petitions for Cert are iffy at best and rarely granted.     Who cares about the elderly and the attorneys who are dumb enough to comply with 18 USCA 4, Himmel etc. –   They at stool pigeons!      They are interfering with the due course of business of the cottage industry of elder cleansers and as Attorney Black pointed out reminding the public of the dark days when a score of prominent jurists were sentenced to Federal Prison and several score more were required to resign their judgeships.       
The Amu case is part of the celebration of BLACK HISTORY MONTH and a reminder of the hypocrisy of not only the people who are temporarily in power as government officials and the leadership of the Americans who happen to have some history emanating from  Africa.       All are aware that Mr. Amu in practicing LAW had as part of his duty to his client to expose corruption within the judicial community.     The nature of and the subtle racism of Mr. Larkin all note that Dr.  Martin Luther King’s journey to free all Americans fell short.   It is still a crime in Illinois to “ practice law while Black!”     A person with a dark hue to his sign according to the Illinois Supreme Court “has to know his place”     How dare he report criminal activities of jurists who have the approval of Jerome Larkin!!!
It is a shame that the Supreme Court of the United States is not interested in judicial corruption or the vestiges of JIM CROW that are so prevalent in the Courts of Illinois.       This is a real lesson for BLACK HISTORY MONTH!      It is shame that Illinois this year will celebrate Dr. King’s birthday and Black History month with a reenactment of the Dred Scott Decision

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