From Barbara Stone — to the Florida Judges Labarga and Soto $1.4 mil drained by thieves

From: barbara stone
Sent: Jan 8, 2015 8:34 AM

JoAnne M Denison

Subject: Anatomy of a judicial racketeering scam – Michael Genden corrupt criminal racketeering ring.

TO:  Chief Justice Labarga and Judge Soto:


The anatomy of Michael Genden’s racketeering court is so very simple – the purest form of criminal racketeering: 


Payment to a criminal enterprise for crimes and fraudulent acts they themselves orchestrate.


Michael Genden’s criminal racketeering “court” consists of 3 matters:


  1. Fraudulent Petitions, mock hearings on Pre-signed and illegal Orders for various types of isolation and caging of my mother: fraudulent illegal stay away orders, isolation orders, orders of no contact, restraining orders, injunctive orders, no visitor orders, orders denying my mother of freedom of religion, retaliation orders and other  restriction and secretive orders.
  2. Fraudulent and illegal petitions and orders for legal fees, guardians fees, court fees and accomplice fees  for the orchestration, preparation and implementation of the fraudulent and illegal petitions and orders
  3. Barbara Stone’s frantic pleadings to object to the corrupt, retaliatory,criminal actions.

This illegal judicial activity culminated in the issuance of an illegal, unconstitutional and fraudulent order prepared in conspiracy between Michael Genden and Roy Lustig entitled “Order prohibiting Barbara Stone from filing anymore Pleadings, motions and objections in this court”. 

 This order was issued in a corrupt and illegal effort to retaliate against Barbara Stone for providing irrefutable evidence of Michael Genden’s scam racketeering ring that is epitomized in Roy Lustig’s fraudulent, perjured, fabricated, fake and staged petition attached entitled “Petition for Court Direction as to the Court Order Authorizing Hospital Visitation between the Ward and the Petitioner Dated November 15, 2013” which “petition” had nothing to do with its fake name. 

The petition, filed by Roy Lustig  was filed to accomplish 3 purposes:  1. extort fees for a fraudulent petition, 2. criminally and  illegally misrepresent the life threatening illnesses which Barbara Stone’s mother suffered and 3. Preposterously ask Michael Genden, a blathering arrogant idiot of a judge to act as medical authority to determine if Barbara Stone’s mother should have nurses see to her care rather than the miscreant “aides” who almost caused her death.

The medical conditions of Mrs. Stone were documented as exactly those that Roy Lustig fraudulently denied – pneumonia , malnutrition and dehydration among other life threatening illnesses caused by these criminals.  Thus Roy Lustig lied and perjured himself in his petition. The petition was never heard because it was not intended to be heard because it was a staged fake petition to charge fees to Mrs. Stone as evidenced by the one sentence email the following day indicating RN’s would be provided to Mrs. Stone which of course was not done because this is a racketeering ring and lies and deception are its foundation.

Roy Lustig is a fraudulent, perjured, fabricated, faked and staged purported “attorney” found guilty of crime by the 3rd DCA.  Barbara Stone reported this to Michael Genden repeatedly – Roy Lustig, like a child predator and molester is an adult predator and exploiter.


You, the supervising judges know.  Thus you have no alternative but to suspend him and report his crimes.   This racketeering scam has been exposed. 

 Michael Genden is disgusting vermin who commits crimes of torture like those committed by Dick Cheney against war criminals.  Waterboarding by feeding tube, drugging, caging, isolation.  The same crimes engaged in by Dick Cheney are the acts of Michael Genden and  Jacqueline Hertz and other adult predators of their ilk. 

My mother’s assets were approximately $1,600,000.

This is Michael Genden’s money trail of embezzlement:

Larry Levy, my mother’s fake pretend Court appointed attorney who  was described by

Michael Genden as the “mouthpiece of the guardians” – his disdain for my mother’s 

best interest could not be more obvious:                                                                                                          $25,000


Steven Dolchin, the first attorney predator of my mother who represented the

guardians and thus purportedly “represented” my mother but in fact never met her:                                      $50,000

Either Dolchin got fired or he actually was repulsed by the guardian crimes and

was replaced by Roy Lustig, a criminal thug with a law license who together with Jacqueline

Hertz’s spouse, Steven Hertz is the mastermind assassin of the elderly and their rights.  He  was hand picked by this cartel as he has already been found guilty of crimes by the 3rd DCA so he needed no indoctrination into the racketeering ring – he was a professional criminologist:                                                                    $225,000

 David Pollack a cohort in the racketeering ring. 

Michael Genden illegally presigned orders awarding his fees for representing the adult predator guardians in the federal action I broughtagainst them notwithstanding the fact that it is illegal for him to force my mother topay David Pollack as he has absolutely nothing to do with her and is acting contrary to herinterest by abeting in the removal of her rights…

Racketeering at it’s purest in Michael Genden’s highly corrupt  court                                                                                                                                    $65,000


Eric Virgil acting in conflict of interest as an “expert” for Roy Lustig’s illegal fees to Whom Barbara Stone had already consulted with and did not hire as she found him a corrupt Sleazy adult predator:                                                                                                                                                     $  2,000

Blaire Lapides, “guardian” as a result of her own criminal acts, unvetted andin violation of scam oversite requirements:                                                                                                                                                                    $63,000


Anthony Romano, the first fraudulent “guardian” who fraudulently Petitioned for “guardianship” of my mother                                                                                                                                                                                                                               $60,000


Candice Trusty, criminal racketeer extraordinaire who has precipitated theSlow death of hundreds if not thousands of elderly vulnerable adults like my mother And the isolation of their children for which I have evidence.                                                                                                                                                               $90,000


Alan Stone documented embezzlement (understated estimate) :                                                                                                                                                         $625,000


Other cover up conspirators- Don Eisenberg and Lapides’ cohorts:                                                                                                                                                 $200,000

TOTAL:                                                                                                                            $1,405,000


All of this fraud, crime, racketeering and extortion is the result of my objection to the administration of a laxative, Miralax to my mother that these scumballs regularly force on their victims as it causes “agitation” and heart and kidney failure.  Michael Genden extorted $1,400,000 from my mother and orchestrated an agenda of torture against my mother because I objected to her being administered a laxative.


Racketeering at its purest. 




I expect my mother to be returned to me today and in order for you to mitigate your liability for the myriad of other victims, for you to shut down his court. Further, send me confirmation of your disciplinary action against Michael Genden pursuant to your December, 2024 order.  Please contact me immediately to arrange for the return of my mother.


Barbara Stone


212.994.5481 (fax)


From Joanne:

It is time to take the profit motive out of guardianships and go to an all volunteer system where only NFP’s and volunteers are used, with oversight from the city, county and state to ensure these massive bills never occur again in ANY guardianship

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