How it feels to be a probate victim by anon

Re:  How it actually feels to be a probate victim–by anonymous

(this probate victim is currently writing complaints, grievances and requests to the authorities)

I am a morning person, so will do this in the morning, it is kind of painful for me to rehash all of this story each time, it is as if I living the pain each time, really.
This has been a very painful traumatic thing in my life, and I dread even talking about this, but I have to get used to this, what a battle for me this is, it literally pains me in my chest and around my heart area.
And to be abused, defamed, and completely bullied by a Bully and his Sociopath attorney, really makes me wonder what on earth have I ever done to deserve this?! They are like a permanent headache, permanent pain in the neck, literally.
Most of my life I was a bookworm over achiever,  upper middle class, classic, attractive to all, young lady;  and now, these abusive people seem to hate and abuse me for no reason whatsoever! Other than I have the respect and love of someone whom they wanted to own, to use his money for themselves, and I am in the way I guess!!
Look forward to answering all questions in the morning. Thanks ken,


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