From Ken Ditkowsky–plenty of employment in Saudia Arabia and N. Korea for Larkin and his ilk!

From: kenneth ditkowsky
Sent: Jan 8, 2015 10:35 AM
To: “JoAnne M. Denison” , Tim NASGA , Probate Sharks , Nasga Us , “J. Ditkowsky” , Eric Holder , Matt Senator Kirk , “FBI- ( (” , Chicago FBI , BILL DITKOWSKY , Janet Phelan , “ComplaintAdmin ADA (CRT)” , Ginny Johnson , Bev Cooper , Cook County States Attorney , FOX News Network LLC , Diane Nash , Barbara Stone , Scott Evans , Fiduciary Watch , “Y. ACLU” , Illinois ARDC , ISBA Main Discussion Group , Edward Carter , Glenda Martinez , Cook Sheriff

Illinois and the Illinois ARDC under the administration of Jerome Larkin and his friends in the cottage industry of elder cleansing have demonstrated to America that the First Amendment can be abrogated by corrupt political and judicial officials.    Larkin’s racially motivated ethical prosecution of Attorney L Amu should have raised a hue and cry – it did not.    His ethically challenged attempt to remove JoAnne Denison’s blog should have brought out the tar and feathers – it did not.
We are now taking up a collection to send Mr. Larkin to Dubai or North Korea where he will be not only welcome but fit in much better.    The attached article explains all!
He was also fined $270k and his family had to flee to Canada for protection.
Atty Ken Ditkowsky
Chicago, IL Suspended by the ARDC for blogging the truth!
From Joanne;
Mr. Larkin and his litigation staff–Attys Leah Black, Sharon Opryszek and Melissa Smart would well fit in.  So would Steven Splitt for taking on my case up to the Review Board.
I wonder when the cat o 9 tails will be shipped to the Illinois ARDC so they can do their job properly and stop attorneys from telling truth, covering up strings of felonies and promoting and insisting on a code of silence that benefits only crooks and thieves?

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