Dr. Sam Sugar, esq. writes to Mr. Coleman of the Fla. ABA regarding abusive guardianships

Please see the link here


We are getting more recognition for this problem and are headed toward uniform laws that take the greed and profit out of guardianships!

Thank you Dr. Sam Sugar.

3 thoughts on “Dr. Sam Sugar, esq. writes to Mr. Coleman of the Fla. ABA regarding abusive guardianships

  1. Joanne, Sam and others, Thank you for sending us this email copy this exemplary letter so well composed by Dr. Sam Sugar.  This letter says it all in the most proper and ethical language, yet it is very informative of the plight and the suffering of the victims and families of unethical guardians, attorneys and the courts. 

    The letter is cordial yet to the point,  written by a person who demonstrates to have and “even keel” and the right temperament to deal with public figures;  it’s an impassioned yet restrained and positive call for action.  We especially think that including the article by Barbara Peters Smith will illustrate specific examples of guardianship abuse;  we have so many, many more!

    We are hopeful that this letter will get us to finally receive the necessary reply and action needed.  We are hopeful that it will give perhaps the needed impetus to bring forth an investigation. The needed investigations will be one more step of the many needed to stop these continuing crimes by the deviant predators who call themselves  “guardians”  and their attorney “collaborators”  in the courts! 

    Thank you Dr. Sugar from so many of us,  for a job outstandingly done!   Please keep us posted with results.

    Glenda and Alan Smith

  2. From where I sit;

    – the usurping of my information provided to the group regarding the discipline mandated to be taken is identical to the back door, secret tactics of the very people we are fighting
    – it does not even address the mandate of the order as there was not review of the order
    – any reasonable person could discern it is self serving
    – for those of us who have loved one who are alive who are being terrorized, the gratuitous tone is all the more offensive to those who have urgency and it is clear to a child that favor is sought
    – it is particularly offensive since taking a pea shooter to an elephant hunt causes the elephant hunters to know they are not only victorious but can freely roam and prey on others
    Barbara Stone
    Tel: 212.994.5482
    Fax: 212.994.5481

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