Ken Ditkowsky–an open letter to Jerome Larkin

To:  Jerome Larkin, Administrator of the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission
From:   Ken Ditkowsky
Subject:    Why are you afraid of an HONEST complete and comprehensive Investigation of “elder cleansing?”
Date:  December 14 2014.
Dozens of people have noted that in the ‘star chamber’ proceedings that your and the cadre of miscreants you lead what is missing is specifics facts.    For instance, both Ms. Denison and I have requested specifics as to the charges that you brought, to wit:
1)      You claim certain statements that we made were false.   What are those statements?
2)      You claim certain statements that we made were reckless.   What are those statements?
The Courts have not forced you to reveal that information, but the Court of public opinion is demanding answers.    At some point in time honest judicial officials will also demand the answers.    
In an effort to address the fact of ‘elder cleansing’ ( i.e. the railroading of a senior citizen or a disabled person into a guardianship for profit, the systematic cleansing of the senior of his/her liberty and property by isolation of the senior and the eventual assisted involuntary suicide of that individual senior of disabled person) we asked you and the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary commission to join with us in requesting law enforcement to do an Honest Complete and Comprehensive investigation of the elder cleansing scenario.     The reaction has been pre-determined  proceedings that you deem “disciplinary” proceedings.
To say that the proceedings are bizarre is an understatement.   With you having the burden of proof you call no witnesses who have knowledge to testify.     Material that is relevant to the proceedings (such as the two Farenga letters in my case and the Sykes file (09 P4585) are excluded.     In the Denison case you even excluded the testimony of Gloria Sykes who is reported to have an ownership interest in the safety deposit box that contained an unaccounted for million dollars (plus or minus) in gold coins.     The guardian who is alleged to committed fiduciary theft was not called upon in either case to deny the charge or explain how she went from being insolvent to exhibiting great wealth!        Indeed, every piece of evidence that might be deemed exculpating was excluded or ignored [1].   
Corrupt disciplinary proceedings unfortunately are legend, but, you have a sworn duty to defend the Constitution and are holding yourself out as the defender of the morality of the legal profession!    As “Caesar’s wife” you have a duty to demonstrate to the public that in the bowels of the legal profession resides a bureaucrat who is intellectually honest and the very model of a lawyer.    Thus, even though you have proven to be lacking in substance, it would be expected that ‘form’ would be demonstrated, especially, if you had nothing to hide!
The last statement is the most ‘telling!’      “If you have nothing to hide!”       The obfuscations that you and the your highly over paid staff have put forth are to say the least intellectually dishonest and culpable.    Elder cleansing constitutes a number of felonies.     It also includes violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act and probably RICO violations.     On the civil side a breach of fiduciary relationship is a taxable event and it is horn book law that those who act in concert share liability.     By not joining in the call for an HONEST complete and comprehensive investigation by law enforcement it is quite apparent that were the bodies are buried.    The documents that are now on Ms. Denison’s blog now provide ample proof of the ‘conspiracy!’   
It is too late at this point in time for you to CYA, but, it is not too late for the truth to be told.    We want to know why you are so adamant against law enforcement conducting an HONEST intelligent and comprehensive investigation of elder cleansing.     We have now placed on the net the Cynthia Farenga letters, the videos of Mary Sykes (demonstrating that she was indeed quite competent), and evidence of your acting in concert with the miscreants in their War against the elderly and the disabled.    The Wall Street Journal article of Friday and the editorial on Saturday indicate that the express train of ‘reform’ is coming our way.   
Thousands of demonstrators have taken to the streets to demonstrate that the ordinary citizen demands that government honor their Constitutional Rights and they are joined by the victims of elder cleansing and their families.   Your assault on citizen (especially lawyers) civil rights has been documented and noted.    People are still shocked by your “attorney” asking me if I was repentant for exercising my First Amendment Right and writing to the Attorney General of the United States.    Many are still shocked by the question!    Mr. Larkin the handwriting is on the wall!       It is time for an HONEST complete and comprehensive investigation of elder cleansing and it is time for you to resign and disclose the nefariousness that you acted in concert with and promulgated.

[1] A pattern of your personal corruption is appearing on the horizon.     In the L. Amu case, even if we ignore the racial nexus of the proceeding, the lack of proof is amazing.   How can you claim fairness when not one of the judges who was accused of corruption denied it!     That is an admission!

2 thoughts on “Ken Ditkowsky–an open letter to Jerome Larkin

  1. From Judy Ditkowsky–
    Dear Ken,

    InJoAnne’s case, publication of court filings and sworn court proceedings has resulted in the recommendation for a 3 year suspension. You now have Amu’s averment that his subpoenas were QUASHED and YOUR SUBPOENA’s for the Sykes case were quashed. All the sworn affidavits of Gloria and Kathy were ignored, and never investigated. Guzman’s misstatement of Gloria’s status was quickly followed by cancellation of her deposition. THE CONSISTENT PATTERN OF ACTIVE SUPPRESSION OF INFORMATION HAS OCCURRED OVER A PERIOD OF FIVE YEARS. This needs to be investigated and presented in one piece.


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