From Atty Barbara Stone — A simple request to the ABA President of the Florida bar–save our seniors!

From: Barbara Stone
Sent: Dec 15, 2014 10:17 PM
To: Douglas Kinan
Cc: “” , FBI- , “” , “” , Adrian Wyllie , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , “” , Carol Holden , “” , Dave Wilson , “” , “” , “” , ISBA Main Discussion Group , “” , Angela Woodhull , “” , “”
Subject: RE: Criminal exploitation and abuse of elderly disabled Florida residents by the Florida Bar attorneys

You know Doug I got an email tonight from a  lady whose mother died from abuse in guardianship.   She was subjected to threats, tyranny and her assets were stripped by a band of guardian thugs.  She was forced to leave the country and go to Ireland.  She wrote me to tell me about a professor in Holland who is awarding a prize to a PhD student working on victim’s rights.  She wants to work with the university to expose this crime.  I got a call last week from the daughter of another woman who died in an abusive guardianship.  She called me from South America – she too was forced to leave the country because she was not given her inheritance as it was fleeced by predator attorneys and guardians.  I had spoken to her months ago before her mom passed away and both of them – a family that had assets – were almost destitute because they were financially raped by the attorneys and judges.
Lawyers acting as terrorists cannot be tolerated in civilized society. People around the world know of my false arrest and that my OWN MOTHER WAS KIDNAPPED by mobsters masquerading as “guardians” – I get well wishes from people whose parent was murdered by these mobsters with a law license.  Every day I pray my mom can make it one more day so I  can bring her home to me.   My mother is not only being embezzled, she is being physically assaulted.   I feel like I am in a crime riddled third world country.
Greg Coleman is a party to this crime.   He is an accomplice to the crime of racketeering and elder abuse and exploitation  that the Florida Bar empowers.  There are attorneys and blogger and website all over the country who post these threads exposing Mr. Coleman’s abetment.  Florida Statutes 825 is very clear – the actions of the guardian cartel are crimes.
How is it possible that a probate judge “Michael Genden”  erases a mother from her daughter and ignores her abduction from her family and prior life on the basis of fabrication and perjury by Roy Lustig.  Any moron would see fraud and more fraud.  Certainly my mother is not benefiting.  It is not in her best interest to be deprived of food, isolated chemically restrained,in a feeding tube when she can eat and in a wheelchair when she can walk and forcibly removed from her home.  Any moron could see the only person who is benefiting by the crimes he engineered is Roy Lustig.  This  charade is played out all over Florida and the country because attorneys like Greg Coleman, the president of the Florida Bar are ignoring, in fact abetting crimes of people who they license.  My mother is being killed while Greg Coleman and the bar association are watching her life being taken by Roy Lustig who has orchestrated her isolation, the forcible removal from her home, she was ordered not to see her daughter and Roy Lustig prevents her from seeing her spiritual leader – all of this is a diversion while her assets are being stolen.
 How is this possible?
I hear from people all over the country that are terrorized by lawyers.  They are losing their homes to these bandits.  They can’t see their families.  It is like another world – we live in constant fear from a reign of terror because these attorneys know they are “protected” from whatever atrocity they want to commit.  We talking crimes.  We are talking malicious assaults on our families and freedoms.
Greg Coleman knows my mother is being deprived of her life by Roy Lustig, an attorney with a criminal past.  This must be exposed to the world and the public must be made aware.  Please send this along to others and the media.
Barbara Stone
212.994.5481 (fax)

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