From Lanre Amu–on how the media skips the troubles and issues of the circuit courts

From: “‘Lanre O. Amu”
Sent: Oct 26, 2014 11:45 PM
Subject: Viewpoint: Carol Marin “Did you really mean that “The job of reporters is to report???”

Dear Ms. Carol Marin: 

I read your view point on page 23 of Suntimes of Sunday October 26, 2014. The title is,” The job of the reporters (according to you) is to report” But is it? When you wrote [we] “report news where ever it takes us” you make it appear on paper that you are consistent in doing that. But is that impression really true? In fairness, that is not quite true is it? In truth, you report news selectively which amounts to entertainment, distortion and/or misinformation when all news are not being reported. We have sent you clear evidence of judicial corruption that impact on Social Justice Issues in Our Society. You turned a blind eye to it. So please when you report your selective news to the public, please try to be more precise and accurate in letting the public know that these are select news. Please disclose that there are no-go areas you are unable to report. Please report that there are truths that you turn blind eyes to as news reporters. That you will not touch the corruption in the court system for whatever reason. That way the public is not misinformed that you report all news that affect their lives.
The video link below and related information were sent to you several months ago. You simply ignored it. Whose interest is served by such “refusal to report some news?” The public deserve to be adequately informed. Is it because these types of news are not what you would like exposed? Three lawyers (Ken Ditkowsky-4 year suspension for speaking up about Judicial Corruption and Elder Cleansing and Guardianship abuse; ‘Lanre Amu-3 year suspension for speaking up about judicial corruption; Joanne Denison awaiting punishment for speaking up against Elder Cleansing, Guardianship abuse, and judicial Corruption. Deafening silence from Carol Marin?) These Courageous lawyers have been dealt with ever so severely by the Court system for having the Audacity to speak out about wrong doing within Our Court system. Your silence in all of this is deafening and impeaches your claim in your article on page 23, on Sun times of 10-26-14,”The job of reporters is to report”. As a reporter, you do have the “fair report privilege” that absolves you of liability, etc. Even if you are afraid, there must be a way you can help get our message out without exposing you and your company to liability. For example, help draw attention to what the attorneys are saying without exposing yourself and Suntimes to any liability if that is what you are afraid of. That the views expressed are not those of Carol Marin or Suntimes, but of those the three attorneys, etc. All it takes for evil to prevail is for good people and news reporter to keep silent in face of these atrocities.
Youtube Link: Attorney Lanre Amu
‘Lanre O. Amu

4550 North Clarendon Avenue, Unit 1404 South
Chicago, Illinois 60640

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