Did “judicial immunity” shield the “cash for kids” judge? No

Read a great article at:


and note the following

In the ‘kids for cash’ civil lawsuit, the court found that certain of Ciavarella’s actions were not protected under the judicial immunity doctrine, including Ciavarella’s participation in a conspiracy to enact zero tolerance policies. The court specifically found that while Ciavarella served as judge of the juvenile court, he enacted an administrative policy that dictated instances in which probation officers had to file charges against and detain juveniles in Luzerne County. In his order, Judge Caputo states, “Ciavarella’s enactment and expansion of a zero-tolerance policy dictating how probation officers were to handle violations of probation and other charging decisions fall outside the scope of judicial action … Because Ciavarella’s enactment and expansion of the zero tolerance policy were non-judicial acts, judicial immunity does not shield this conduct.”

I wonder if this is how the elder cleansing cases will end.  Now we have added this week the family of Mildred Willis and Stacy Willis to the list of the probate victims and all those involved were just perps “part of the scheme”.

Note we already had a comment today that all this should be considered RICO.  But for recent decisions tossing plaintiffs out of federal court with sanctions, RICO would be an appropriate action for what we are seeing and documenting.

Someday someone will put an end to all this horror and terror on the 18th floor, but when the music of chicanery stops, who will be left with a chair to sit on?

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