A good question for Mr. Zimmerman, special counsel to the ARDC, can he find audio portions?

Dear Readers.

Just to let you know, I save and ponder and put on my wall many of the letters I get from the states attorneys, the ARDC and JIB who dismiss valid complaints of troubles and issues in the Cook County Court system out of hand.  As if you can smack and squish an annoying bug and it will go away.

So today, I was looking at Mr. Zimmerman’s letter.  Mr. Zimmerman is “special counsel” to the ARDC to make sure they are not corrupt.  Hmm.

I have before this posted his letter.

But today I was thinking, as he denies that Ms. Opryszek did not change the transcript of a certain Ms. Justine, tho she blogs and swears up and down she was lied to and then her transcript changed, WHERE IS THE AUDIO?

And in my trial, myself and Alyece Russell heard certain statements made by Judge Stuart that did not show up in the transcript, so WHERE IS THE AUDIO TO THAT?

You, dear readers, are taxpayers and citizens of a free and democratic society. These attorneys and judges take an oath to swear to uphold the Illinois and US Constitutions. Their duties in this regard to the public is one of a fiduciary standard, or the highest level of care and disclosure.

Where then is Atty. Zimmerman on all of this, and why didn’t he conduct the investigation that these circumstances demand?

All good questions.


From: JoAnne M Denison <jdenison@surfree.com>
Sent: Jul 11, 2014 7:29 PM
To: Atty Tom Zimmerman special counsel to SCOI <tom@attorneyzim.com>, Atty Ken Ditkowsky <ken@ditkowskylawoffice.com>, Bev Cooper Probate Sharks <bev.cooperscorner@yahoo.com>, Lucius Verenus Probate Sharks <verenusl@gmail.com>, “Justine McGinty (from Hunter Thinks.com” <j.mcginty93@ymail.com>, Atty Hunter ARDC complaint <hunter@hunterthinks.com>
Subject: Follow up Questions regarding transcript changes at the ARDC

Dear Mr. Zimmerman;

This is in furtherance of you June 3, 2014 letter in which you responded that there was no hanky panky on the part of Ms. Opryszek, even though I was part of the issue with Gloria Sykes and witnessed it myself.  Gloria would call the building to arrange for her dog to be with her during her deposition, and then Ms. Opryszek would have someone call her back and provide some excuse as to why the dog was not permitted in the ARDC deposition.  Then she would send me a fax to confirm she did this.  No matter, obviously you want to ignore that.

Further, during my deposition I was not permitted to use my computer to take notes, (this was apparently a breach by Mr. Larkin also who had agreed that deponents cannot take notes by means of a computer), even though I believe that I have a First Amendment right to do so.

Next, I note you have carefully crafted your letter to state “from the information and documents in our possession, we have determined that there is not sufficient evidence of professional misconduct by Ms Opryszek to warrant further action.”

That is indeed curious.  You do not mention that you obtained the audio in Mr. Hogan’s trial to compare with the transcript.

Now in my trial, the transcript was obviously tampered with. (13 PR 001).

If you indeed are a competent and thorough “special counsel”  you would have pulled the audio files and compared them to the transcripts AND sent me a copy of the relevant audio portions that the witness (Ms. Justine) swears were tampered with.

Also, in my trial, during the testimony of Judge Jane Stuart, the transcript is different from what I and other witnesses heard when she talked about whether or not she chained Gloria Sykes to a chair in her anteroom.  Ms. Opryszek took the leading role in my trial.  Did she also take the leading role in changing the transcript.  If not, then who did?  Ms. Smart, the panel which had 2 attorneys on it, or all of them?  Do they have a scape goat in mind?

In addition, there were two OTHER transcripts from other court rooms where attorney witnesses (Schmeidel and Stern) confirmed that Judge Stuart handcuffed Gloria Sykes to a chair.

Can you provide that audio portion?

I would like to publish this on my blog.  I will only assume that if you will not provide these audio portions and take appropriate action, that we will all have determined that you are indeed a “special counsel” or very, very special counsel.  One that is not willing to take the appropriate and honest and thorough action against the ARDC

I don’t want to beat a dead horse.  But I think the dead horse you’ve got is indeed stuffed with a few skeletons in it.  And those skeletons have audio portions that neither you nor the ARDC are willing to reveal.



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