From Bev Cooper–thanks to this blog!

From: Bev Cooper
Sent: Jul 11, 2014 7:33 AM
To: “” , “”
Subject: Mr. Lanre Amu, Attorney

HI JoAnne – Many Thanks for the plug for the program.  I tried three times to secure Mr. Amu for the program. Finally, on the fourth request he agreed to appear.  Now, in one week on the youtube he has more than one thousand fifty seven views from America and all over the world.
People are interested and attorneys and judges especially ,should be interested. Corruption in the courts is the very determent to the freedoms that America stands for.  NO FREEDOM of religion , NO FREEDOM to gather as family, NO FREEDOM of FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS.  Just look to the Veterans and see what the corruption and greed of financial or political gain has caused to our warriors of  FREEDOM !   SHAM ! SHAME ! SHAME !  Remember your oath of allegiance to the flag, of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA !!!  FREEDOM FOR WHICH IT  STANDS!!  LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL !!!
Best Regards,  Bev.
Dear Readers;
And I have to add it was clear from the get go that Mr. Amu suffered the worst sort of discrimination against a black African American immigrant who has a graduate degree in engineering,  a law degrees and decades of experience in the Cook County Court system.
The ARDC litigating attorneys seem to have no experience over at the Daley center, or they are ignoring the obvious.  The law is X but the courts doing Y.
Mr. Amu’s show is highly recommended.  He is articulate and has an amazing sense of justice and is well spoken (I love his accent).
So far, it is well noted that where the First Amendment is concerned, the ARDC does not go after any big name firms or lawyers.  It is a bully that attacks an elderly Jewish attorney, a black African immigrant, and a 56 year old mother of 4.  Again, this is a nadir of the legal profession.
Perhaps the ARDC doesn’t like how us little guys are outspoken and outraged over obvious serious troubles and issues in the court system and how we are kicking and screaming and stomping to ensure justice, honesty, truth and integrity, but we are not going away.  This blog is not going away.  It is popular and we get many compliments on its contents.
Thank you Bev, for doing that show which exposes the things the mass media will not and you strive to protect us little guys.

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