Ken Ditkowsky asks about The Elder Cleansing Cartel and notes it is International in nature

from Ken Ditkowsky, who, now retired from active practice, courtesy of the IARDC is now digging deeper and deeper into the problem and finding more amazing facts about Elder Cleansing and in particular, its International nature.

The Elder Cleansing Cartel

It is not the elected official who engages in mischief who is sinister, it is the nameless faceless bureaucrat who implements the policy who frustrates and confounds us. Sometimes however we are fortunate to be able to zero in on some of the bad guys, expose them and bring them to justice.
The health care frauds are pervasive. The cartel has correctly recognized that health care is one of those untouchable subjects. To be against furnishing health care to the unwashed flotsam is not only unthinkable but un-American. Cradle to the grave health care is mandated by modern society even if shortens the life of many. I am not debating the policy as it is a given; however, it does foster a new type of human parasite.
This individual is not a mafia don, but a well-educated member of society who is the mainstay of his ‘church’ and a pillar of his community – as well as a cancer. He is lauded for his contributions to charity at the very moment his minions are prospecting in the mouth of victim for her gold filings. His minions include lawyers, doctors, members of the public, political elite, and a host of others. Dutifully they work toward on goal – acquiring wealth! [And invoking a Code of Attorney Silence, those who violate it are severely and gruelingly put on trial, given no discovery, and then skewered worse than an attorney thief of $90 million (Seth Gillman is still not prosecuted by the ARDC nor his license removed).]
Operationally, the Enron model is followed and any phase of the criminal enterprise that is uncovered by law enforcement appears to be a separate independent situation divorced from the other corporations. Thus, when an Omnicare situation is filed 150 million dollars and there is a bit a publicity the core operation and its tentacles are safe and protected.
The structure of the Cartel varies slightly from area to area, but it appears that model is so well thought out that the miscreants have essentially created a shadow society that is eating away at the our Constitution and political structure – all at our expense.
Starting with a ‘cash cow’ operation such as a Hospice facility or Nursing home the ‘don’ obtains the lauding acknowledgement of his community for his self-dedication and charitable contributions. The ‘cash cow’ is financed by solicitation and participation by members of community. The “don” informs his investors that he is forming a ‘health care’ facility (nursing home or hospice) and he needs ‘limited partners.’ He is of course picked the investors because they have a few dollars and they have some influence in the community. They are promised a ‘share in the business’ and are guaranteed that the return will be x % a year. The management, risk et al will be all assume by the ‘Don”
Using the investment as seed money initially a beautiful state of the art facility is constructed and takes shape in the community. Picked public officials give their blessing and government fawns over it contribution to health care. Behind the glitter is scum that is beyond belief all cleverly designed to garner public dollars. On the surface the facility is a modern alternative to extended hospital stays and their historical expense.
Hospitals are regularly monitored by government and the medical profession. Deficiencies cannot be covered up and thus a regular compliment of registered nurses, competent doctors cannot be avoided. In addition very expensive medical devices have to be routinely used, maintained, and updated. Concealment is possible, but not for long; however, with government corruption a given a well-connected nursing home Hospice facility or nursing home can indefinitely conceal a multitude of practices. Federal inspections are rare, and State inspections are announced in advance.
Government pays well for health care services and operates on the basis of being content if the paper trail is neat and clean all is well. Thus, examples of care are as follows: Physical therapy consists of removing the parent from his bed and placing him in a wheel chair in the hall. The doctor makes rounds at regular intervals. This consists of slowing his vehicle down to 15 mph as he drives on a road adjacent to the facility. Each service to the greatest extent possible is provided by an outside, but related company. In fact the cartel controls everything and regulates the charges so that the proper paper trail is provided. For its accommodation when elections occur the compliant political figures are remembered by the operators of the nursing home.
The cadre of connected individuals who participate is large and constitute the population of the Elder cleansers and those who aid and abet them. As I pointed out previously there are three types of currency used in the operation: 1) US cash; 2) nursing home (or hospice) beds, and 3) opportunities. The reason for this situation is the cancer needs prospectors to blaze the trail into the growing health care industry, perpetuate the victim base, and to keep the paper trail clean.
As an example. In the Alice Gore situation a 1.5 million dollar treasure trove was brought into the system. The lawyer who recruited the victim had to be compensated, thus, using political clout the lawyer was appointed to the position of guardian ad litem. This accomplished two purposes. 1) it kept the treasure trove under control until it could find its way into the treasury of the “Don” and 2) it provided a means to reward other deserving persons. The avarice of some of the ‘workers’ resulted in prospecting for gold in the teeth of Ms. Gore. Usually the situation is well managed and the victim reaches his/her final reward with Court orders approving every miscreant act including the accountings that disclose the theft of assets.
Just as the Enron miscreants did not go public with their participations the Elder Cleansers are quiet. However, if you examine the individual cases the participants are not hard to pull out of crowd. In the Sykes case the Judge’s evidence deposition suggests she is culpable. The failure of the two guardian ad litem to disclose the massive increase in the pecuniary status of the plenary guardian suggests culpability. Mr. Jerome Larkin’s strong actions in aiding and abetting the elder cleansing suggests his involvement. The list goes on! How deep does this cancer go will be ascertained only when an Honest complete and comprehensive investigation is completed. Yes, some of what appears to be criminal might just be incompetence – I certainly hope it is, but when it swims like a duck, has feathers like a duck etc. it is rare that it will turn out to be a horse. [One of the guardian ad litem is reported to have nursing home investments in a nursing home that Mary was temporarily placed]
The one sure fact is that what appears to be happening in these elder cleansing situations is that the miscreants are creating an 21 st century holocaust and augmenting the health care costs so as to prevent any goal of health care for all being accomplished. Of course their co-conspirators (such as the Attorney Registration and Distortion Commission) are assaulting the Constitution and the Bill of Rights in the Taliban assaults on the core values of America.
Ken Ditkowsky

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