From Ken Ditkowsky–Never Again!

Never Again

On December 7, 1941 a foreign power attacked America. Americans awoke on that Sunday morning frightened and confused. How could this happen? Two large oceans separated us from them and we were the good guys! Our ancestors rushed to defend the motherland and by the hundreds of thousands gave up their lives and went to War. No family was exempt, and everyone’s life was disrupted.

In the years that followed we have grown fat and lax. Foreign wars are video games in which people who were do not know are victimized. Here in America are leaders are chosen not for their intelligence, competency, or even ability – most are picked by us because they look and/or sound good on the boob tube. It is more important to most of us that our leaders wear well fitted suits and have deep voices than established records of accomplishment. Thus, we face a situation in which two governors of the State of Illinois were in jail at the same time, dozens of our elected officials have legal trouble, and we have zero confidence in our Courts. So serious is our plight that an elderly widow is seized, removed from her home and separated from her liberty, her property, and her life. The Courts refuse to intervene, except to protect the miscreants and law enforcement appears to be engaged in the game of ‘too little, too late.’

Yes, I am once again referring to the Mary Sykes case. Unfortunately, Mary Sykes is not alone, but every day we learn of more and more examples of elder cleansing culminating with the death of the victim. The Alice Gore case is a prime example, wherein the bold clout heavy miscreants demonstrated avarice so obscene that they even salvaged the gold filings in the victims teeth.

I’ve forwarded to the Attorney General of the United States dozens of letters from ordinary citizens who have family members being subjected to this assault on the core values of America. So far the score is good guys zero, elder abuses infinity! Indeed, the ‘motherland’ has opted to side with the elder abusers and I and every other lawyer complaining has been or is slated for discipline.

On July 4, 2014 take stock of our America. In my view we still have the best product and a Nation of laws, but, we have been invaded by a cancer that threatens to destroy us. Yes, some of the infection comes labelled as being part of the current political parties and some of the political elite; but, too much of the problem is our willingness to be fat and lax. One symptom is demonstrated by my e-mail. I could organize a group of like minded persons and take some positive action – we could gather on LaSalle Street armed with a rail and tar; however, we are cowed by authority and thus the miscreants are safe.

My grandfather who immigrated to the United States at the age of 9, who made his mark homesteading in North Dakota, running cattle in Texas, etc was faced with a very angry and very large individual who objected to the antics of my grandfather’s Jewish grandson. Mr. ***** made no apology for his National Socialist leanings – in fact he expressed them quite eloquently Grandfather stood standing on his toes five feet five inches tall. When threatened by the hulking Nazi, the diminutive Texan used his fists and piece by piece reduced the Nazi to a respectable size. Neighbors poured out of their homes to watch the resolution of the dispute. Some of the Sauganash residents demonstrated how Americans react to bullys. Mr. Kueen, who had been an Arizona Ranger as a youth, strapped on his six gun, rushed from his home (across the street) and barked demands for the miscreant Nazi to cease and desist.
The direct action resolved the problem. The Nazi had no trouble selling his house (there was a housing shortage) and was gone by the next week-end.

Today we cannot settle disputes with fists. The confidence in the Courts is at low level, and confidence in the Executive Branch of government is in negative figures. Thus, what can be do? I do not know, but, I do know that we as citizens have to do something. I’ve taken to writing to the Justice Department and public officials, filing a civil rights law suit, demanding from law enforcement an HONEST complete and comprehensive investigation, and being a pain in the area of the human body where the sun does not shine. I’ve sent out a letter every single day and have demanded that the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission stop being a deception commission and do its job.

I do know that this American is not going to be walk voluntarily into a ‘gas chamber,’ a nursing home, or a guardianship. This Jew is not going to walk voluntarily into a gas chamber a nursing home or guardianship. This coolie is not going to walk voluntarily into a gas chamber, a nursing home or guardianship. This peon is not going to walk voluntarily into a gas chamber, a nursing home or guardianship. I have a bucket of tar in my garage! My friend has a large rail! **** All I have asked for from day one is an HONEST intelligent, complete and comprehensive investigation.
Ken Ditkowsky

1 thought on “From Ken Ditkowsky–Never Again!

  1. The illusions are this: A highwayman can and will change his title : to say, Lawyer but he is just a highwayman working the system. A so-called guardian, is nothing more then a trespasser (in some cases). Many people call themselves Doctors, but are just people off the street.. It’s all just become an ILLUSION. Deceivers!

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