Please keep Michael Gearhart–an activist attorney in your thoughts and prayers

this is from Michael Gearhart.

Apparently they gave him back his Cook County ID, but I do not have mine back. I will ask again on Monday. If you demand that the Cook County Sheriff and the court system do their jobs (ie, support and uphold the US Constitution), they take away your attorney ID.

I personally don’t care. I think they should COME TO ME and award it back. I don’t mind standing in line and talking to the deputies about how I’m an attorney, they took away my ID wrongfully, will not provide me with a reason, and I have done nothing wrong. The deputies are now friendly to me. They know I have scissors for cutting out pictures for evidence, they know I have little $2 Walmart staplers for the paper exhibits we (still, sigh) have to have (federal court it is all on a computer screen).

Next, when they get to court, Judge Aicha MacCarthy tells me she is afraid of “recording” so I cannot use my computer which has all my questions and case strategy and case info on. No matter, I call on angels. They help me when humans do not do what is right. But still, I argue the ADA because I am older and have arthritis in my hands and it is easier and more efficient to take notes on my laptop. She says, “bring an assistant.” I tell her “I have no assistants”. She says, “too bad for you.”

So I ask you all, and I will report back to her, is there anyone out there willing to volunteer their time to come to court to take short hand for me and type it up in the hall so I can use it when I have to question witnesses. IF so, then I will let her know.

The better question is, why are the circuit court judges so afraid of recording? I see no harm it it. First of all, it is accurate. I have seen and experience many, many, changed transcripts. Do I have to list them all. Nope, that would be typing for a day. Next, my rule is, if you think you will be shamed by saying it, then DON’T SAY IT.

I don’t understand her “fear of recording”. Do you? Is there a psychological category for that like the phobias we well know. And if there is a fear of “being recorded”, isn’t that a subject for therapy and not a subject for the open and democratic courtrooms we were all promised since 6th grade when we had to take our civics test to graduate grammar school? Maybe my problem was I got 100% on mine. Silly me. And I swear I didn’t even study for it. I thought everyone knew these rights were inimical to every human being on the planet.

Today, I met an elderly client. He said he was an union electrician for decades. It was soooo bad in Chicago, he actually sat at lunches in diners with his boss (owner of a major union electric company in Chicago) and Boss would be asked from the city inspectors “Hey, Mr. Boss, my bill (electric, water, gas, mortgage–you name it) is overdue. You gotta pay it.” He would respond, “still waiting on you to approve project X, you got the VIG, move it along.” Business as usu. in Chicago.

I rest my case. The ARDC says that this blog is officially “misconduct”. I say it is First Amendment.

Apparently some 20,000+ attorneys in Chicago do not speak out like myself, Ken Ditkowsky (suspended for 4 years, may as well make it 1000) for ratting on corruption.

How long must it be until we can overcome?

Do we really need this “code of silence” that the ARDC whitewashes?


From Michael Gearhart (my hero)

From: Michael Gerhardt (GGH LAW) []
Sent: Wednesday, June 11, 2014 12:12 PM
To: ‘’
Subject: Misuse of Cook County Employees by judges

Please stick with the logic to see the waste of County dollars.

I have been part of a very active group looking for judicial accountability. Part of our complaints have been that court-watchers were abused (threats of jail if taking notes, confiscation of notes, removal from courtroom for taking notes, etc.) by judges and courtroom personnel. This was recently resolved by the Chicago Tribune.,0,4718153.story. Chief Judge Tim Evans was forced to put in place a policy allowing people to take notes in court (A public proceeding, involving public employees, conducting public business, in a public place). We have asked for the public to be allowed to electronically record in the courtroom. Despite the recent Illinois Supreme Court ruling striking down the Eavesdropping Statute as unconstitutional in People v. Clark, where litigant recorded the Family Court court proceedings to memorialize it (side note: most complaints regarding judicial corruption come out of Cook and Kane County where recording of court proceedings is not the norm. People v. Clark is Kane County), Chief Judge Evans refuses to reconcile his recent policy banning electronic recording devices with the ruling in People v. Clark.

We have pushed for court reporters if there is going to be no electronic recording. When we do see these Official Court Reporters (Cook County employees), we ask for their contact information so that we may purchase court transcripts in the controversial cases. (Money: We are offering to buy – give money to the County.) We are finding that the judges are telling the court reporters to go “off the record.” (In other words, asking Cook County employees to not do their job. In these courtrooms, we have noted that these particular judges appear to have the court reporter “off the record” the entire time the court reporter is in the courtroom. (Money: Waste of taxpayer dollars – employees told not to do what they are paid by taxpayer dollars to do). And we have even had a few instances where, although the judge did not ask the court reporter to go “off the record” and the court reporter is still typing, when we attempt to purchase the transcript, we are told that the judge has told the court reporter to remove the record (Money: not only destroy government property, but ensure that government property that someone wants to purchase is destroyed.)

But wait, there is more. In a recent confinement of a very active advocate, the judge ordered the advocate confined for indirect Civil Contempt in the advocate’s personal case. As the procedure, the advocate was detained to the basement of Daley Center. Normally, the detainee would be left there to bond out, or wait until 3:30 PM or later for transport to jail at 26th & California. However, the judge decided that her hatred of the advocate was enough for her to use Cook County assets for her personal vendetta against the advocate (I hate editorializing, but it is a personal vendetta.) The judge called and demanded that “special transport” be arranged to have the advocate removed from Daley Center immediately before the Advocate’s attorney could speak with the advocate and before any bond could be posted. A car and two officers were dispatched from another courthouse to act as “special transport.” (Money: using Cook County assets –two officers and a car – for personal vendetta.) Advocate’s attorney was told that this was normal practice. You will see that this is highly unusual. Advocate was taken to 26th and California. Normal pick-up of prisoners from the courthouses is in the afternoon (more efficient at the end of the day instead of multiple transportation trips and to consolidate trips if picking up from multiple locations). Hence, prisoner “intake” at 26th and California does not open before noon. Advocate arrived at intake at approximately 10:30 AM. Not surprisingly, there was no one present to process the advocate. So the advocate, two officers, and a car (Money: two officers and a car are not at their assigned post and are unavailable for at their assigned post/duties; possibly, other County Assets are being used to cover this (now) unavailability of County resources for their assigned purposes.) have to wait until intake personnel arrive to process the advocate. Advocate was turned over to intake personnel approximately at noon at which time the two officers and car were released to return to their assigned duties. (It appears that intake processing did not even start until around 2:00 PM.) Advocate’s processing was not complete until after 1:00 AM (not a typo) and therefore Advocate’s attorney could speak with advocate when the attorney went to 26th and California.

So we have Cook County taxpayer dollars wasted in multiple ways:

-Court reporters told not to do their job.

-Court transcripts (public records) not available for purchase.

-Court transcripts (public records and County assets) possibly ordered destroyed.

-Car and officers removed from their assigned duties for personal vendetta. (Possible reassignment of County assets to cover for personal vendetta.)

-Car and officer removed from their assigned duty to act as babysitter while waiting for intake was open.

All this taxpayer dollar wasted to avoid a little accountability in the judicial branch.


Michael D. Gerhardt

Law Offices of

Gerhardt & Haskins LLP

730 West Randolph Street

Chicago, Illinois 60661


NEW FAX: 312-284-4815

And now, you can look at Michael’s Gearhart’s great activist works at:

he already has his FOIA requests up there. enjoy.

If “crook county” was recently published as 4th in corruption in the nation, this blog is 1st in activism to stop it all thru peaceful, activist protest.  And if the ARDC wants me to shut up, be a good little wife, barefoot and pregnant, I will not do so, I will PROTEST and be an outspoken ACTIVIST.  Our freedom of speech and open democracy depends upon this.  I might have been pregnant 4 times and breast fed my kids 1 to 2 years, but I WILL NOT SHUT UP AND GO AWAY.  Neither will Ken. We are here and we are eloquent.  Ken’s Writ of Cert to the US Supreme Court is a masterpiece the founding fathers and mothers would be proud of.  What did they die for?  Was it nuthin?  I don’t agree with that.

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