Complaint to Office of Inspector General, Cook County

Where to go to complaint when Cook County officials are doing X but the law is Y:

My complaint, filed today:

I have gone to the Sheriff’s department now on several occasions and asked to have an attorney ID made.  I am an Illinois attorney in “good standing.”    They told me I am on “a list” and will not give me an ID.  I have asked when I can get one.  They said they do not know.  I asked the reason why I cannot get an attorney ID, they said they do not know.
They claim that photo ID’s are completely discretionary and they do not have to give me one simply if I am on “a list”.
I have not been involved in any incidents at the Daley center, nor I am the subject of any incident report.
What I have done is repeatedly reminded deputies that court room observers can take notes with pen and paper, laptops or whatever they want.  Court room observers also can, now that Illinois v. Clarke has been handed down by the Ill. Supreme Ct, record any proceedings.  The deputies do not like this.  In federal court, anyone is free to take notes as they please, even with laptops and cell phones.  No one is barred from recording.
In light of the fact that I, as an attorney, have been told repeatedly that certain transcripts were not available to be prepared by the Official Recorders Offices, when in fact they were rendered many months later, and certain transcripts have been altered to the favor of certain attorneys, I believe the public has a right 1) to be warned of this and 2) to take notes anyway they please.  further, many people cannot afford the $4 per page charge.
I should not be denied a attorney ID based upon the fact I am outspoken about deputies doing X when the law is in fact Y per the US and Illinois supreme court.
In doing so, I am preventing lawsuits.  In doing so, I am preserving important and fundamental human rights.and should not be tolerated by law abiding citizens who support our Illinois and US constitutions and basic human and civil rights.
If the Cook County government takes an action, it must do so in an uniform, non discriminatory way.
As a woman, I am in a suspect class.  Thank you.


I will let everyone know how this turns out, but at least you know now, that if you have a complaint about the deputies not following the law–including note taking, human rights and civil rights, this is the place to complain.  You can also email the cook county state’s attorneys directly.  I did that for the Sykes case and at first they said, “go ahead and email us, we’re interested,” and then they said, please stop, we don’t do that, you should contact the Cook County state’s attorney directly.  I did that and after awhile they said stop, you have to contact the Cook County office of inspector general.

And that’s what they do.  They point fingers at one another, and refuse to act.

Tom Zimmerman, is supposed to be special counsel to SCOI for the purposes of investigating miscreant behavior at the ARDC–witness tampering (Gloria Sykes) and spoliation of evidence (changing of transcripts–Judge Stuart testimony).  So I emailed him, I also emailed him the following about serious lack of compliance to existing well founded laws:

We must never forget Alice Gore, Rose Drabik, Lydia Tyler, NB, Carol Wyman–all passed over, and were either murdered or there was  attempted murder and all under Illinois “guardianships”.  Alice Gore’s 29 gold teeth were pulled  in an Illinois nursing home when she was age 99.  Gloria, a younger daughter was handcuffed and threatened with the euthanization of her pets on the 18th floor if she did not detail her accounts for probate attorneys fees, the GAL’s said the money was to “care for Mary”, but it is not.  90%+ of that estate will go for attorneys fees, some $350k.  JT was falsely accused of stealing by a GAL so she would fork over $20k to the estate which went for attorneys fees to avoid disparagement of her good name.  Bob Schwartz had $200k in imaginary promissory notes that estate is trying to collect–which will all go, (you guessed it) for attorneys fees.  In the Estate of Spera, the GAL grabbed all the joint accounts, locked DS out of all of them–$150k and he was rendered homeless for  6 month. Mother and son want to go home and live together.  That is Illinois law.  But the GAL and probate atty forbid it.  LV has no jurisdiction and her $350k estate went hugely to probate and atty fees.  She was rendered incompetent when she told probate goons to get off her porch, she wanted nothing to do with the OPG or a guardianship because they were all thieves, and she was immediately deemed delusional and schizophrenic.  Papers were served Friday and she was guardianized next Monday, put in a locked down facility, she escaped, couch surfed for 18 months, but that did not stop the probate goons from billing her estate $20k. She called and begged the OPG for money and food and no one would respond or they told her to go live in the designated nursing home where they put her. Mrs. L is still in dire straits, out of her home, massive atty fee billings ($200k in 20 months).  Mrs. P has suffered the same fate.  Now I have  anew case and a new high level of billings, (low level of ethics), Mr. F with an amazing $2.2 million in probate crony fees in 2 years.
All Illinois probate system.  Most from the 18th floor of the Daley center.
These people have NOT seen justice.  No one, not Jenner and Block, not Winston and Strawn, Jones Day,  no major with money and power, no major attorneys with money and power have come to my blog (despite 55k views) and said “how can I help?”
I am one woman.  I cannot clean up this mess alone. Ken is the only one helping me but he is suspended for 4 years. It will take a team of attorneys working 18 hrs per day to clean up this mess of injustice propagated on the elderly and disabled. Who does these things?
Where are the big “pro bono” law firms with money and power to help me out?
Are they afraid of Jerome Larkin and the ARDC too?  I am not.  What will be, will be and I will always stand to the challenge, no matter what.


2 thoughts on “Complaint to Office of Inspector General, Cook County

  1. You need to update Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Father Pfleger, they are stuck on stupid, still thinking someone in local and federal government is following the law when the fact is, they stop following the law decades ago. They are requesting the police be placed under federal oversight when the fact is, the been under unenforced federal oversight for decades.

    • I have to agree. And a lot people are posting on Facebook and other social media that Hillary was corrupt, Obama was corrupt and we see how the courts and the DOJ/FBI are, but what has happened now they are gone? So far, I have seen nothing to help probate victims, court corruption victims. There is no help and no where to turn. Our own corrupt ARDC that wants to shut up my blog about corruption still has not changed even though myself, Ditkowsky and Amu were only speaking out against corruption.
      We have to change Chicago and Illinois. We have to continue to speak out. Nefarious characters incluing Larkin, Smart, Opryszek and Splitt and Loftus are ruining lives and covering up massive corruption. This has to change. Keep on speaking out. Write articles for my blog on their corruption and I would be glad to publish for you.

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