From Ken Ditkowsky – the civil rights movement

From: kenneth ditkowsky
Sent: Jul 4, 2014 12:20 PM
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Subject: Re: Inside Look: Center for Civil and Human Rights

The Civil Rights movement brought America into the 21st Century and drove the racists underground. The racists still exist – just take a look at the Illinois attorney registration and distortion commission’s prosecution of Attorney Amu. I do not know how the Supreme Court of Illinois could have read the documents in that abortive proceeding with a straight face. Bull Connors much has been the chairman of the hearing panel and the son of Adolph Hitler the chairman of the review commission. The 2nd oldest profession was not covered with glory by Mr. larkin’s cronies!

As this racist exercise was conducted in broad daylight I wonder if the Center for Civil and Human rights (and the American Civil Liberties Union) take their mandate seriously. In a State in which a score of Judges have been removed from the bench for corruption how can an attorney lose his license for exercising his First Amendment Rights??????

Of course the fact that law enforcement and our political leaders are amazingly silence as hundreds of senior citizens are being guardianized for the pecuniary benefit of some of the more nefarious members of our society and this effort is aided and abetted with State funds our political elite (and judicial officials) are making mockery of the Bill of Rights! Where is the Center for Civil and Human Rights? Where is the Aclu? Where is the justice Department? Where is law enforcement? Where is the legal profession?

They are all marching to celebrate July 4th as our liberties are marching to the tune of jack boots and the cries of the elderly and disabled for their personal human and civil rights. The hypocrisy is madding! How does a person (and I use the word advisedly) such as Jerome Larkin = who ignores the cries for help from the families of the elderly and disabled – look in the mirror much less march under the stars and stripes. How does Senator Durbin have the temerity to take about ‘freedom’ when he was asked to help in the fight against elder cleansings and all he would do was to send us a copy of a speech he gave no social security. How *****.

America has always stood up and been counted when human rights were violated – today, lip service is all we are getting. Maybe on this birthday of America we can return to basic values and physically stand up against the miscreants who would deprive us of our liberty and human rights. What good is social security if it goes to benefit an illegal guardian and not me?????
Ken Ditkowsky

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