From Gloria Sykes, her need for live Testimony on her side of the story

This is from Gloria today regarding her side of the story

Subject: Re: I’m being banned from testifying?  Or are they making it as difficult as possible?

I will be doing a LIVE testimony and people will be able to call in and ask questions after the formal testimony given. I will provide everybody with date and time- including the ARDC and Tribunal.

In America no person or animal should be tortured, deprived or otherwise handcuffed without due process and in particular by the courts meant to find justice no matter how great she hides.

My father was a vet too and although his appointments have been hero secret he had in his possession three medals if which two had to do with ‘sharp shooting’  I had found these metals and the papers which Toerpe found and destroyed as she stole and destroyed all of the writings, police reports and war related material my father saved and gave to me to write a book. These documents were kept in the attic in daddy’s black chest which Kathie found at Debby’s garage sale brought there by Toerpe.

Stealing memories and data of lived ones is a true sign of a sociopath who lives with delusions of grandeur and greed as my sister Carolyn Toerpe. That Judge Maureen Connors now on the appellate bench and Jane Louise Stuart has so eagerly empowered her is a reminder of Hitler who at a word hundreds of his army marched the elderly, disabled and a children into showers of toxic gas where they took their last breaths and then the same Hitler subordinates dragged the bodies into ditches that became the death beds so famously portrayed in photographs now hung at the Holocaust museum.   What is sad is that prior to the gas chambers Dr. Schmiedel injected the elderly, disabled, and young with highly toxic drugs where death was slow and painful. Dr, Schmiedel’s T-IV plan was a disaster to Hitler because it took too long to kill. It is also well known that the gold was removed from the teeth of the elderly and disabled prior to death but before all if their valuables were taken and bestowed on Hitler as gifts. The common name Schmiedel has one origin.

Attorney Schmiedel has learned much from his German origin and it is no wonder Fischel and Kahn is associated with Schmiedel.  There was simply no money in working for the non profit as he once did to right wrongs : his years with the Office of Public Guardian taught him well and Adam Stern and I believe judge ***** worked under Schmiedel.

Schmiedel is a war criminal by name and is now practicing in the probate courts and a person of the LIE. My parents survived the depression and built a good life for themselves and their family only for Schmiedel and company to steal all that was good and promising for his personal financial gain.

I will announce the date and time of my LIVE testimony in a week.

My prayers and live to all who suffered and are suffering because if People of the LIE in what Gail and I named the American Holocaust  in 2010 when we looked up and read Hitters t-4 plan (or maybe it was t-3) founded by and fulfilled by Dr. Schmiedel.

From Gloria Sykes

From Wiki: Hitler’s T4 program

Action T4
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

This poster (from around 1938) reads: “60,000 Reichsmark is what this person suffering from a hereditary defect costs the People’s community during his lifetime. Fellow citizen, that is your money too. Read ‘[A] New People’, the monthly magazine of the Bureau for Race Politics of the NSDAP.”

Action T4 (German: Aktion T4, pronounced [ak?tsi?o?n te? fi??]) was the name used after World War II[1] for Nazi Germany’s “euthanasia programme” during which physicians murdered thousands of people who were “judged incurably sick, by critical medical examination”.[2] The programme officially ran from September 1939[3][4] to August 1941, and it continued unofficially[5] until the end of the Nazi regime in 1945.[6]

During the official stage of Action T4, 70,273 people were killed at various extermination centres located at psychiatric hospitals.[7] Evidence was revealed at the Nuremberg Trials that German and Austrian physicians continued the euthanization of patients after October 1941, and that a total of about 275,000 people were murdered under T4.[8] Based on files recovered after 1990, 21st century research provides evidence that at least 200,000 physically or mentally handicapped people were killed in gas chambers, by medication, or deliberate starvation between 1939 and 1945.[9]

see full article on Aktion T4 at and see the amazing poster of how Germany sought to end the lives of 60,000+ disableds, crippleds and undesirables that “cost too much”–after all, it’s YOUR money too!

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