From Ken Ditkowsky, his final petition to SCOI

Dear Readers;

Ken has finally drafted his petition to SCOI.  The basis for the ARDC case against him is that AS and CF, the GAL’s in the Sykes case threatened to have him disciplined by the ARDC if he attempted to investigate the Sykes case further, or ask the authorities to investigate the Sykes case.

Apparently, AS and CF have the power and ability to tell another attorney NOT to take on a client, not to investigate a case that sorely needs investigating, and to ignore the pleas of friends and family that there are serious troubles in a case of apparent senior abuse and exploitation.

I believe this is clear from what Ken has written in his appeal to SCOI.

However, judging from public records that I have found on most of the justices in Illinois, and their past behavior of telling Gloria she had no appeal due to “law of the case” (a preposterous position since there simply is no jurisdiction in the Sykes case, and there is no jurisdiction in the Wyman case, both were summarily turned down on SCOI appeal), this does not look good for the ends of justice.

All Ken did was attempt to investigate.  He then reported the findings to me and many wanted this information published on my blogs–which are very popular blogs.  Many people are appalled that there is no jurisdiction in the Sykes case and $1 million is missing from the inventory.  Many people are equally appalled that there is no jurisdiction in the Wyman case and she was falsely imprisoned in one of Illinois’ worst nursing homes were she was beaten and sexually abused.

I wish I could say that this pattern is ending, but I have learned of more cases since then.  It truly is my opinion that all 3200 open guardianship cases in Cook County should be reviewed for glaring errors in jurisdiction and knowledge of the relatives, the inventories, etc.

See Ken’s Petition to SCOI and please pray for him:




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