Urgent Donations needed for a probate victim/Christian Woman

If you possibly can, urgent donations are needed for a Christian woman who is in dire circumstances.  Things have been very hard for her.

If you are a court victim, we will be glad to pray for you for comfort and healing.

Please mark your donations “Christian woman.”



2 thoughts on “Urgent Donations needed for a probate victim/Christian Woman

  1. the fact is your life seems like a nightmare. strangers everywhere taking your money, car, home, mail. you know your in trouble when you haven’t got the change to buy a donut, but the billing of the attorneys and all concerned are huge and endless.

    • That’s exactly what happened to this woman–she was declared incompetent and in 10 years they drained an estate of about $150k in trust, $250k in home equity, cars, furs, jewlery–her entire life and now she is living in a dump afraid to speak out or go back to court. That’s what they do, declare you incompetent, drain every dime you have, maybe even get a judgment against you to add insult to injury and then you live in abject poverty in some dump they control so you’re afraid of being homeless and black balled by the tied in dumps they have control over. It’s not America. As Ken says, it’s a gulag system for the elderly.

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