A very telling letter from Adam Stern to Kathie Bakken

And in the continuing saga of “I’m punishing you because you took the wrong side”– which has nothing to do with federal laws that say you cannot keep Mary, an alleged disabled from friends and family she formerly knew and wants to see–AS “punishes” Kathie and Yolanda Bakken.


Now in this email, AS continues the very out there idea that “Gloria financially abused Mary”, which is absolutely ludicrous on a wide range of levels 1) Gloria did not get $1.3 million from a lumberman’s lawsuit for damage to Gloria’s home.  After attorneys fees, expert fees and other fees, the award was much lower and meant to repair Gloria’s home.  Gloria’s home has never been repaired; 2) Gloria was an excellent caretaker of Mary for 10+ years and made sure the mortgages on both their homes were paid during that entire time, despite the fact that Mary had only $2,000 in income per month; yet Mary ate the finest foods, traveled with Gloria and wore designer clothes. Mary’s home was 6014 N Avondale and Gloria’s was 6016.  Gloria paid all expenses and utilities on 6016 and owned the property inside and the insurance policy.  Only she had the right to make a claim and collect proceeds. Mary’s had her own home and own personal property in it and her own homeowner’s insurance.  Mary’s name was added to Gloria’s home as a testamentary convenience.

You will note that AS does NOT explain all of that. He clearly skips a few steps.

Most recently, due to the condition of Gloria’s home and the fact that it had not been repaired (the settlement money was for repairs to the home, which the court has not seen fit to do), the mortgages on Gloria’s home, it was determined by the court’s own evaluator that the home could not be sold or petitioned without incurring a loss. Did this mean the home was quit claimed back to Gloria promptly?  Heck no. When asked in the hallway outside of court, AS replied “he would have to study it.”

And this is how Probate works.

See below.  There are adequate videos already on Vimeo and on Gloria’s facebook showing that neither Yolanda or Kathie needs a supervisor at any visitation.  While AS says “he will do it” but CT “must be around” (why?), there is absolutely no video, no transcript, nothing indicating that either of Gloria, Kathie or Yolanda has acted improperly around Mary or that Mary does not want to see either of them.

So the big question is “why?”

No one so far has been able to answer the questions

1) where is the summons and complaint in the Sykes case giving the case jurisdiction?

2) why is Mary being isolated from the vast majority of her former family and friends?

3) why was Mary’s home sold at such a loss compared to other properties in Norwood Park and why did “Richard Mell, Jr.” sell it.  How did he get that job?

4) where is the $1 million in uninventoried gold and silver coins and why has that not been investigated by the Cook County authorities.

Inquiring minds want to know




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