Just in from the ARDC–a Motion to Strike the depositions of the Fab-4

For those of you that have read through the depositions of Gloria Sykes, Scott Evans, Yolanda Bakken (age 85 and sister of Mary) and Kathie Bakken, they pretty much directly contradict the Jan 08 2013 complaint filed by the ARDC against me.

So now what do you do when you are faced with an obvious, large inconvenient truth?


I have never seen anyone use Motions to Strike as much as the ARDC does.  They don’t seem to find it necessary or convenient to argue the truth, the case law, the facts.  They just want to strike it all.

See below:

ARDC Motion to Strike Depositions of Gloria Sykes, Scott Evans, Kathie Bakken and Yolanda Bakken 091313

So what are they afraid of?  The truth?

How is it that it has been many, many long months since this first began, and it ended up I had to prove the truth of what this blog is all about.  And you will note that the ARDC does NOT deny that this is the  truth.  They just want it stricken.

Paragraph 8 becomes utterly hilarious when you combine it with THE TRUTH” was filed with the intention to harass, cause unnecessary delay and needlessly increase the cost of litigation”.

Yes, apparently THE TRUTH is what harasses the ARDC, delays them (what, to cover up corruption?) and needlessly increases the cost of their litigation.  Such a shame.

I’ll say it again (it was Kathie who posted it first on Facebook), “if something can be destroyed by truth, then it deserves to be destroyed by the truth.”  Carl Sagan.

And if anyone can possibly explain all of this to me, you are cordially invited to do so.

SO has been very busy working hard to cover up all the excreta leeching out of court room 1804.  Now it’s been splattered all over the internet.

Definition of Corruption:  Deviation from a law, moral or ideal.


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