Why does Mary continue to be isolated from friends and family?

Today we continue to ask the question, why is Mary Skyes still being isolated from her family and friends.

Her home has been sold, the court has been informed that the other home has more debt on it than it is worth to sell.  This is and has been Gloria’s home, she paid for it, she paid the mortgage and she was the only one living there and only her property is in the home.

No one in the family disputes that.

Mary, if asked, would not dispute that, but she is not allowed to come to court or to testify, despite the fact the Illinois Probate Act does not take away all her rights to make decisions.  It is only where she needs help making a decision that the court and/or her Guardian should intervene.

Mary wants to “go home” and live with Gloria.  She said that if she and Gloria had to, they could start over.  What a warm and wonderful woman!  How thoughtful of her.  That was in June of this year when friends and family were able to visit her and she how warm and wonderful she really is.  That was despite the fact she was in a nursing home and didn’t want to be there.  She said she was waiting for Gloria to come and take her home–whatever place Gloria was calling home.

Of course, that did not happen.

For some reason Mary has to be isolated from beloved family and friends.  Her home was sold and she never wanted that.  She had great insurance and Gloria helped her with all the bills.  The court stopped all that.

How unfair and how miserable for Mary.

No one has any justifiable reason for any of this.  No one.


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