A Reminder: It’s not about me or Ken…. it’s about those too elderly, debilitated, to speak for themselves.

From: kenneth ditkowsky
Sent: Sep 12, 2013 5:30 PM
To: “illinois.ardc@gmail.com”
Subject: ‘elder cleansing’ – safe harbor opportunity

If If the IARDC is to give the impression that it has even a vague interest in protecting the public it ought to be leading the fight to obtain compliance with 755 ILCS 5/11a -10.    This statute is the core of the Illinois legislative protection for elders to avoid being railroaded into guardianship and stripped of their liberty and property rights.  As Ms. Denison, Ms. Sykes, Mr. Cooper, Mr. Wyman and dozens of others have reported to you, even though this statute is jurisdictional it has been almost totally ignored by our miscreant friends.  This is a fact, whether Mr. Stern, Ms. Farenga, Ms. Solo, or Mr. Schmiedel agrees or not. The Sykes transcript stands in stark rebuttal to the IARDC staff and the miscreants assertions.
That said, by a separate cover I sent you a copy of CCP 0201A.   That is the summons that is used in the guardianship matters.   Take a look at it!   Now read 755 ILCS 5/11a – 10.   The summons does not comply with the statute.   |
Some judges in the Federal Court require prior to filing a FRCP 11 motion that a ‘safe harbor’ letter be sent so that errors can be corrected.   I did this with Stern and Farenga and these letters were part of your complaint against me.  Oh well?   Every good deed is properly punished!  It is a foregone conclusion that with the current US Supreme Court decisions and any level playing field the Supreme court of Illinois is going to vindicate both JoAnne and myself.
This matter however is not about me or JoAnne – it is about avarice, corruption or arrogance by the miscreants that separates hundreds of senior citizens and disabled people wrongfully from their liberty and property.   I am writing you to solicit your help in restoring to the victims of ‘elder cleansing’ (both past, present, and future) their rights.
Ms. Denison and I rationalize that if we can obtain the ARDC’s suggestion to the Honorable D. Brown to comply with 11a – 10 in the printing of the summons as early as tomorrow we will make ‘elder cleansing’ a bit more difficult.  The delegation to the ARDC is to protect the public from the miscreants in the legal profession – not aid and abet miscreant issues.
It is not too late to re-mediate the wrongs that were done to Mary Sykes and Mr. Rotheimer.   The miscreants have not accomplished the final solution.  It would be fitting for the IARDC to on the day of Atonement to make a giant step to help Gloria Sykes, Denise Rotheimer, Bev Cooper, the two Marys, John Wyman, JoAnne Denison and the hundreds of tireless and selfless ‘good people’ working to protect the Rights of the elderly and the disabled.  The effort may be token, but, Mary Sykes and those persons similarly situated deserve to have their government come to their aid to protect them against the miscreants who would pull the victims teeth to obtain the tiny bit of gold in the fillings!
We need an HONEST complete and comprehensive investigation of the Sykes case and the related ‘elder cleansing cases.   Time is short for many of the victims –
Happy Jewish New year!  Free Mary Sykes, Mr. Rotheimer, and all those poor people who have one or more of the miscreants in their future!
Ken Ditkowsky


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