From KDD on the status of Sykes

From: kenneth ditkowsky
Sent: Jul 16, 2013 3:27 PM
Subject: zero population growth through eldercleansing!

I remember being told something concerning this event.   It fits right into the pattern of unbelievable events that just about every victim (and their family) of elder cleansing reports.
It is interesting that Carolyn was allowed to be on the premises during the forcible entry and detainer removal from your home.   As I understand the procedure, only the Sheriff’s deputies come onto the premises and they remove your property.  [They have changed this to the Landlord moves belongings IF the tenant refuses BUT tenants can request to move another day]. As you were only being evicted from the 2nd floor, I still have trouble understanding how it was 1) Carolyn Toerpe was on the premises and able to rummage through your ‘intellectual property’ as well as your other personal property and 2) how Fred Toerpe was on the premises so as to assault you. [Now THAT’s a good question.  The Sheriff is supposed to be present for their $200 fee and stop that kind of nonsense].
 Except for the fact that I too have been engaged in this fiasco most of what has happened in the Sykes cases is so absurd and unbelievable.   A stranger would never believe 5% of what has happened in this case and would reasonably accuse us of making all of this up.   Let us just start with my situation:
1) Out of the blue Adam Stern and Peter Schmiedel used the telephone to threaten me in an effort to discourage me from investigating a Probate case.   (My wife heard the conversation as I conducted both on speaker phones)    The question is, why should either of them care if I investigated or not?
2) Adam Stern/Cynthia Farenga/Peter Schmiedel knowing that I had no relationship whatsoever to the Sykes case, knowing the Rule 137 could not apply, and the Court had no jurisdiction over me filed a Rule 137 motion seeking sanctions against me.    Even more amazing was the fact that a Circuit Court Judge – who knew the law and the lack of application – actually found me guilty of a Rule 137 violation.    This Judge was subsequently elevated to the bench after it became clear that she had no jurisdiction whatsoever over the case in chief.  In re: Mary Sykes.   Another judge issued $5000.00 in sanctions.    An ARDC attorney (Lea Black – who has since been elevated to senior attorney) instead of being outraged at the ultra vires actions of the Court admonished me for just not paying the sanction after I told her I had appealed as there was no possible jurisdiction.   The Appellate Court agreed and vacated the fine and dismissed the 137 sanction motion.
3) Instead of bring the miscreants up on charges, the IARDC charged me with being untruthful and sought and obtained a hearing panel to recommend that my license be suspended for the exercise of my First Amendment Rights.   The hearing panel was totally at ‘sea’ as to the First Amendment.   Motions to dismiss before the review panel have been denied.
4) I continued to and to this day continue to exercise my rights under the First Fifth and Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution, and blogs have picked up my protestations and call for an Honest investigation.    Cynthia Farenga complained to the IARDC concerning the call for an Honest investigation and not only did this lead to my prosecution but the prosecution of JoAnne Denison.   Ms. Denison has a blog and has statutory as well as First Amendment immunity.   The IARDC disqualified me from representing Ms. Denison.
Tell me you believe the foregoing!   Yes, it is all true even though totally unbelievable.  How could this have occurred in America.   We have a RULE OF LAW!    Of course it get better and the ‘beat continues.’  There is no ‘hue and cry’ and significantly the fact that a million dollars in gold coins was not inventoried, Mary Sykes is a ‘elder cleansing victim’ etc is being covered up by the very commission that was created to protect the public from the legal professionals miscreants.    A senior attorney even used the United States Mails (18 USCA 1341) to convey the false statement that Adam Stern was the Guardian ad Litem for Gloria Sykes.   It is now 16 days since this falsehood was first published and the IARDC has gone underground – no correction, no apology, no investigation, nothing – THEY STAND BY THE STATEMENT.
Gloria, you figured out who was behind this situation.   You found evidence of the campaign contributions.  You do not have to disclose the facts that you found in the public records.  Any competent investigator can tie the same facts together.   They just have to want to do so.   When your book and documentary are published there will be a great number of people with egg on their faces.
I am certain that if a hair on your mother’s head is messed you will give a good account of yourself.  Your complaints to the never agency within the Illinois Department of Aging will quickly prove if they are impotent or just another do nothing State agency.   We copied Senator Kirk’s office and the Attorney General of the United States.   We will find out very soon if the United States of America is concerned about elder cleansing or if they are in favor of retro-active abortion for seniors, ethnics, and the racially impure.
Ken Ditkowsky

2 thoughts on “From KDD on the status of Sykes

  1. Take to the streets. Let us do to them, what they have done to us. Find out the parents
    of the corrupt lawyers and judges and call the elder abuse line. Blogs do not reach the
    general public. We have to unite and have a public rally at the biggest corrupt place on
    earth, the daily center.

    • I don’t think it is wise to file false reports so I am taking this reply as a facetious comment. HOWEVER, if any miscreant is ever guardianized in THEIR old age certainly a nursing home should be in THEIR future as the SOP that they have created in the industry. And THEY should be worried about the (horrible) nationwide situation THEY have created and contributed to.
      That would be appropriate karma. Actually, it’s not enough. They should become attorneys whose job it is to tirelessly straighten out this situation.

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