From KDD regarding the infamous Naperville Police Report

Pretty shocking how little the Naperville police report resembles the reports of Gloria, Scott and myself.

To: JoAnne M Denison
Cc: Eric Holder , Tom Kammerer , Cook County States Attorney , “” , “ACLU@ACLU.ORG”
Subject: Re: post from yesterday

JoAnn –
thank you for sharing the documents from the IARDC with me.   I am forwarding these documents to the ACLU, the ATtorney General of the United States , the Cook County States Attorney, and an executive of the Naperville Police Department,the Illinois State Bar and the IARDC.   I do this because it illustrates in graphic detail the functioning of ‘elder cleansing.’    Elder cleansing is a little slower and less dramatic than its sisters ‘ethic’ and ‘racial’ but it is just as nefarious and just as final.   The intended victim – Mary Sykes – is an America citizen and the report of the Naperville Police Officer should have commenced a ‘hue and cry’ and a referral to the DuPage County States Attorney and the United States of America,  Department of Justice.
The Naperville officer’s report is damning.
1) in the report he claims to have seen an order that barred Gloria from seeing her mother, and then he accurately informs Stern that there is no such order.   I remember no such order in my review of the file; however, if there is such an order in light of 755 ILCS 5/11a – 3 and 11a – 17 and 11a – 18 there should be a pleading filed by the plenary guardian and a full dress hearing as such an action would be alien to not only Mary’s basic Constitutional Rights, but those of Gloria and all of Mary’s friends, neighbors and relatives.   In addition, the officer should be aware that there is a statutory prohibition against such isolation in the statute governing elders in nursing homes.    I DO NOT SEE ANY REPORT BY THE OFFICERS OF THE NAPERVILLe POLICE DEPARTMENT TO THE ILLINOIS DEPARTMENT OF AGING or the new commission set up to prevent ‘elder cleansing.’  In fact except for the report to the Illinois Attorney Registration and Discipline Commission it appears that ‘elder cleansing’ has to ‘go ahead’ from the Naperville Police Department et al.    It trust that the officers of the Naperville Police department know that they are charged reporters of ‘elder cleansing’ and ‘elder abuse!’
2) The detention of Gloria Sykes was unlawful and improper.   The illegible scribble on the sign in sheet is interesting but irrelevant.    The idea that a daughter (and her two maternal aunts) cannot visit with her mother is absurd, and so outrageous as to offend the conscience.   The emphasis in the officer’s report on a sign in sheet is nonsense.  I examined the sign in sheet, and to me the scribble looks like ‘Shaggy & Gloria’ and the accusation that Gloria signed in as Carol is pure fantasy.   Unfortunately we all know why there is even mention of the sign-in sheet in the report, and why after the fact employees of the nursing home reported that they were pressured to sign statements for some unknown person that were not accurate as to the facts.    Fortunately for the liability carrier of the Naperville Police Department the officer exercised good sense and did not attempt to charge anyone with any criminal act that he knew or should have known did not occur.   He and his fellow officer were aware that for about 1/2 hour prior to Carolyn and Stern’s entry into the picture Mary Sykes had an experience contemplated by 11a -3 rather than the cottage industry of ‘elder cleansing.’
3) What is concerning to me and to every person engaged in the fight against elder cleansing is also concerned:
a) the officer taking it upon himself to over-rule the statutes of the State of Illinois requiring a sheltered care facility to promulgate and foster the non isolation  of resident.   The admission of the officer that he threatened Ms. Evans (aged approximately 90) with arrest for trespass if she visited her friend Mary Sykes is reprehensible, wrong, and unlawful.   (In of officer’s defense – he was in a difficult situation as he Adam Stern doing what Adam Stern does best and Carolyn claiming the authority of the Gods of the Circuit Court of Cook County. All the poor guy wanted was to get away from the crazy people and go back to nice sane criminals who kill you by shooting bullets at you, not destroying your life!)
b) the IARDC in suggesting that was something wrongful or unethical on your part in visiting a old friend is clearly beyond even the KGB conception of its authority.    The attorney who submitted the document attached to this e-mail is ‘out of control’ as she knows or should know that the First Amendment not only prohibits the IARDC from impeding you right of speech, but your right of association.   I have not heard from anyone other than the IARDC attorneys that association with Gloria Sykes is a disciplinary offense for an Illinois Attorney.
3) the Obstruction of justice.  It is apparent that the Naperville Police officer acted to ‘obstruct justice’ in that he admits to demanding the Scott Evans destroy photographs that were taken on the scene.   I believe you informed me that he did the very same thing with you.  Had those pictures not been destroyed there would have been evidence of the misconduct of Carolyn Toerpe, and others in not then and there enforcing the law, especially when the officers and other viewed Ms. Toerpe engaged in the assault and battery of her mother.    The elder abuse (isolation) reported in the officer’s report is 101 Elder Abuse.
The actions of the Illinois Attorney Registration and Discipline commission in fostering this obvious ‘elder abuse’ and ‘elder cleansing’ is deporable and of such a nature as to subject not only the attorneys prosecuting attorneys for exercising their Himmel requirements but those attorney who aid and abet the ‘elder cleansing’ to severe discipline both in regard to their status as attorneys, but also for their role of aiding and abetting the conduct that is now slowly becoming public.    It is time for the media to join the fight against elder cleansing!  I know it is not politically correct to complain about this scandal just like it was not politically correct to complain about the National Socialist concentration camps in the 1930’s –
Once again I am calling for an immediate HONEST intelligent complete and comprehensive investigation of this entire elder cleansing situation.   The ‘cover up’ that is illustrated by the IARDC document is beyond the pale but it discloses that the State of Illinois is paying for a ‘cover up’ of a National scandal that is on a par with the most horrific terrorist attack.   The attack by the IARDC attorney illustrated by the attachments to this e-mail are attacks on the core of American values.   The legal profession and a democratic society cannot tolerate the perpetuation of this cancer!
Ken Ditkowsky

Another interesting thing is the Naperville police officer said I kept on interrupting him with “the law” and he had to ask me to leave, which is not correct at all.  While they were debating who was on a sign in sheet and what names were scribbled, I told them all it was a red herring and sign in sheets have no laws pertinent to them.  The officer then kindly brought up fraud.  Fraud on a sign in sheet?  come on.  They tell you the sign in sheets are there because if there’s an emergency everyone can be accounted for.  never heard of that one–fraud.  Interesting.

In any case Officer Krakow NEVER asked me to leave.  I asked him once if he was done with me and he said, please wait but I could walk around.  He then asked me for my name and address.  Did the same for the others.  he said they were “checking protective orders” against any of us.  I told him there were none.  he said wait.  After awhile he got a call on his police walkie talkie and said there were no orders, but he did not say we could leave.  I had to ask him and then he said everyone but Gloria could go.  So we did.  Gloria was talking his ear off about the Sykes case and Officer Krakow was wincing up a storm.

I think the only thing I told him was that the Sykes case had no jurisdiction because there was no service of a summons and petition upon Mary and CT is just “playing plenary guardian”, that’s all.  I told him to call Commander Kammerer to confirm and he refused.

So much for a good investigation.

Then he later followed me outside and instructed me to delete my video.  I said even asking me to do so was illegal by the police.  He said “what’s with you guys and the law” (some police officer, making up rules, now THAT will get you in big trouble), he said if I didn’t delete the video that would be “not cooperating with his investigation” (which means obstruction of justice).  I didn’t want to go to jail, I’d rather go to dinner and fight that one out later so I deleted it in front of him.

It’s still clearly illegal.  Criminal Law 101, the police can’t make you or even ask you to delete photos or video.

He also said he would take my phone from me if I wanted to keep the video.

I thought about it and I wasn’t sure I trusted a guy who openly admitted he followed made up “rules” and not the law.

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