Filed today at the ARDC, Motion to DisQ Atty SO for prior misconduct

See below.

Based upon the letter received informing Gloria that Adam Stern was her new guardian and the ARDC does not take action where cases are in litigation, which is iinteresting because they sure did against KDD, I’m not sure there is much hope for witness tampering, obstruction of justice or spoliation of evidence (portions of JC transcript missing).

In any case, it’s an effort.  But the way everything is now–according to the ARDC, no defenses or they are extremely limited, no discovery, no investigation of Sykes, Tyler, Bedin, Wyman, Gore, Drabik, etc., none of this seems very hopeful at all.

The only thing the ARDC seems to do is be good about going after blogs (myself and Atty Amu) and emails (KDD) and then just claim that everyone reporting corruption in the courts “must be lying” without any witnesses, no discovery and no defenses.  Then you hold a trial and the ARDC gets 90% of the time, and there’s no time for any response and a decision is made.

You know, I’ve been to probate.  Been there, done that, go the T-shirt.

Yep, that’s all we get, and they call it “justice.”

See below:

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