New filing and new questions from the ARDC, so where is this all going?

Take a look at these pleadings first, just received from the ARDC:

First, the Naperville Police version of Mary’s visit:


Second, mine, Gloria, Scott and Dolores version:


You will note that all Mary and Gloria did was hug and kiss for a half hour and be glad to be back together.  It is not mentioned or was asked about by the Naperville police (“NP”)  The NP were told of abuse.  They did not mention it.  But CT grabbed Mary’s had hard enough he winced and cried out a couple of times, then CT angrily marched her down the hall repeatedly pushing against the small of her back.  Mary was visibly upset and CT and the staff did nothing–absolutely nothing about it.  I, for one, have never seen CT comfort and console her mother, or be caring and kind to her.  Does anyone care about that?

Everything was fine until CT showed up, then all hades breaks loose and Mary is subject to abuse by CT and the staff ignores it and does not report it.


Instead, the “investigation” focuses on Gloria.  Long time, excellent caregiver who never excluded anyone–including CT.  The NP never ask about abuse or what was going on.

At least AS had the gumption to admit a plurality of court orders were conflicting and confusing on the subject.  Then Judge Stuart says loudly in court “I told you to make sure Gloria could see her mom so this would not be an issue.  Make arrangements.”


Of course they did–only with written permission from CT and that will happen when hades freezes over.

I emailed PS if I could see Mary.  No answer.  Of course the press and bloggers can’t see Mary.

Gloria wants to see Mary.  I know the miscreants, scallywags and ARDC watches my blog.

The only question is, who will step forward and do what is right?  Buck the system, go out on a limb and start the investigation into this case, which is sorely, sorely needed.


Apparently, going to see Mary and watching her hug and kiss her beloved daughter Gloria is a “misrepresentation.”  Love it.  Mary and Gloria saw each other and stuck like hot glue to the pavement together after about 2.5 years of isolation from Mary.

Next Jack Kelly never even talked to me.  He left one phone message, how is that a “lack of disrespect for disciplinary proceedings.”  I think he said he called me twice, but did not leave a message, then he called again and left one garbled message.  If you don’t leave a message, according to the ARDC that communicated a “lack of respect for disciplinary process (sic).”  Which is entirely interesting, because I’m trying to help out people who were homeless, the GAL dipped into joint accounts, leaving them homeless and dirty, sleeping in the park and eating out of garbage cans, and the ARDC doesn’t care about THAT, but they seem to care about someone calling but not leaving phone messages.

So much for clairaudience.  Must be a new requirement for lawyers.

Ms. Cheryl Bauer showed up at my offices and she said she was an ARDC investigator so I told her all about my cases and blogging against corruption and offered to give her a book and a key to my downstairs messenger mailbox.  She acted like she would get fired if she talked about corruption in the courts.  She refused the key for convenience, she refused the book (John Wyman’s Against her Will book, familiar to most of you) and acted like she was about to get fired.

All in all it is MHO she was refusing to be a witness to corruption, but SO will make her a witness to disrespect to the “disciplinary process” yeah, against me.

I think we figured out the disciplinary process is, ignore the miscreants and scallywags, and hope they go away, but definitely, most definitely fire the messengers.  Tell your staff if they dare talk about, think about or even are told about corruption, that is “lack of respect for the disciplinary process.”

New one for me.

I am completely and always amazed at how very hard the ARDC goes to do CYA.  Even to the “investigators.”

Then we have “Amy Hyndman” from Stern’s office sending along false police reports.  You all have mine, and it isn’t nearly the same.

You will note that the nice police officer said I voluntarily deleted my photos.  Yeah, right after I told him it was illegal to do that and he persisted under obvious threat of arrest.    The reality is, IT IS ILLEGAL FOR A POLICE OFFICER TO EVEN ASK TO DELETE A PHOTO.  Go to the ACLU website and look this up.  Long standing SCOTUS law.  We live in a free country.


Finally, THANK YOU ADAM STERN for telling the truth.  (Give that man a standing ovation–once in a blue moon he can do it)  Many court orders had actually be imposed, then modified and things said on the record.  The policy on visitation with Gloria is not clear and never has been.  Many conflicting court orders and misrepresentations.

Whew, at least one morsel of truth, albeit an important one.

See the attached, and SO, you’re supposed to redact all personal information, per Cook County Court Order so I did that for you–no DL’s please, no bank accounts, no SSI’s.  There were VIN numbers and DL’s on what you sent me.  Don’t do that please.  I redacted them for you.

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