A Romanian Gulag Continues unabated–in the US!

From: kenneth ditkowsky
Sent: Jul 11, 2013 6:00 AM
To: “IllinoisLawyerNow@isba.org” , Eric Holder , matt senator kirk , NASGA , probate sharks , JoAnne Denison
Subject: Fw: Romania takes step toward punishing gulag guards – Yahoo! News

For four years now, citizens have complained bitterly that Mary Sykes was railroaded into a guardianship in which her liberty and property were confiscated.   For four years 755 ILCS 5/11a -10 (jurisdictional criterion) was ignored and rationalizations have taken the place of actual compliance with the law, and for four years plus a cover-up of a National scandal has endured.    In the Mary Sykes case ‘gulag’ conditions were noted as Mary Sykes sought protection from the Illinois Department of Aging and the Courts from the very person who was appointed as her plenary guardian.   The ‘gulag’ guards were guardians at litem who worked diligently to make light of numerous trips to the emergency room, the drilling of Mary (and Gloria’s) safety deposit box and the removal of gold coins which were not inventoried, and the intimidation (or attempted intimidation) of any citizen – including lawyers – who sought to suggest that the American constitution was in full force and effect.
The fact that the Government Accounting Office and others detailed many similar type cases did not motivate the State or the Federal Government to crack down on this domestic terrorism.    Instead organizations like the IARDC reacted to protect the miscreants.    The attached article provides a measure of hope that in the United States of America the ‘gulag’ conditions exhibited in Sykes, Gore, et al will ultimately result in the lesson that ‘government’ and its ‘guards’ will have a day when they have to account for their miscreant actions.
America’s gulag and the outrages promulgated against our senior citizens who are targeted victims of ‘elder cleansing’ (the American Gulag) will not be forgotten or forgiven.  The letters that in recent months have exposed the unholy relationships and subtle intimidations will be remembered in infamy.   The July 1, 2013 letter authored by Senior IARDC attorney G reminding the younger daughter of Mary Sykes that she too could have “Adam Stern” in her future will be remembered and accounted for.
Ken Ditkowsky


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