Another shot across the bow from KDD

Another Motion to Dismiss, but this time for lack of jurisdiction.  KDD submits that the ARDC was granted  no authority to regulate the private lives of citizens.  In my case, all I do is blog.  It is a private blog, but transparent. All KDD did was attempt to investigate a case which perhaps was operating without jurisdiction (now we have the Record on Appeal–KDD and I were right) and prior statements made by miscreants turn out to be false.

See his pleading here:

Motion to Dismiss for Lack of Jurisdiction.

Tomorrow KDD is forwarding the file to me to make a form out of it so that any lawyer can use it to Dismiss  a Complaint that has been filed for Private Free Speech Activities.

We lawyers have to get organized and assert our first amendment rights, otherwise they will be taken away assuredly by bureaucratic civil servants in retirement assured state jobs.

What’s interesting is that for all the money lawyers pay to go to law school ($100,000+), they seem to be a bunch of wimps and weenies that are not ready to defend our nation and it’s freedoms and consitutional rights.


I happen to be a pacivist and believe that the pen is mightier than the sword.  But when First Amendment rights are taken away, I do belive the populace will devolve into anarchy and violence.

Right now, the near west side of Chicago and the near south side have done that.  They have a statistical violence rate that far exceeds any regional “mideast conflcits” that we have seen in since 2001.  I bet our violence and murder rate in Chicago rivals Is-Pal, and I wonder if these areas see themselves as better or worse than the more oppressed areas of Is-Pal.  I would like to see an exchange on that subject, but I digress.

Anarchy is anarchy which leads to severe violence.  The pen must be mightier than the sword to avoid this state.  As a group, lawyers must hang tight and say enough to an oppression of civil liberties.

for a great report on corruption in Cook County done by the University of Illinois, see

And I am still looking for representation for this case so I don’t have to provide a monolog to the Tribunal, but I can do it.

Anyone interested in representing me as a lawyer please volunteer now.  The position will be paid as funds become available to me.



4 thoughts on “Another shot across the bow from KDD

    • The motion didn’t fully pixelate. Try loading it up again, if it persists its a memory or java motion. I can send you the pdf file directly if you want

    • No, they disqualified KDD from representing me already (that motion is in the pleadings on the blog already) and they would never let me represent Ken. These are wrongful disqualifications–it’s near impossible to disQ an atty from representing you unless there is a clear conflict, that is you represented one party who sued a second party and now you want to sue that second party. You can see there is a true conflict there. But the miscreant attys “make stuff up” all the time and they get a rubber stamp on such motions. It’s one clue everything is kattywampus.

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