Like the “war on drugs”, the battle against talking about corruption in IL courts was lost before it began

One of the interesting things about my case, is the ARDC alleges that this blog “brings the court system and ‘judicial officials’ into disrepute”.  I can’t believe they have ever not Googled corruption and the Illinois courts.

From Larry Chambers:  THANKS LARRY

Limiting to the exact phrase “Cook County Corruption” I was only able to get 81,500 results in .27 seconds.  Here are the ten listed at the top.,d.eWU,d.eWU,d.eWU,d.eWU,d.eWU,d.eWU,d.eWU,d.eWU,d.eWU,d.eWU





Larry G. Chambers

Assistant Office Manager

847 600-3421

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