New expert witness volunteer for my trial….

Read below and thanks so much to ex-atty Thomson to help others!

I am still looking for a trial attorney volunteer, so keep on thinking about all of this.  It’s not for you, it’s not about me, BUT IT’S A GIFT TO ALL LAWYERS to be able to practice in courts that are blessed with honesty, integrity, openness, transparency ethics and justice.

Lawyers must speak out against corruption. They MUST report it until it is resolved.  Over and over and over, again and again.  Look how many years and how many deaths it took to bring Drew Peterson to justice for murder, John Wayne Gacy to justice for murder,  Dahlmer, etc.  What if people reported the murders over and over again and bugged the authorities to DO THEIR JOBS.  What about poor Elizabeth Smart in California who was raped and falsely imprisoned, kept from her family as a young child, and how there were witnesses, the probation officer came regularly BUT NO ONE DID THEIR JOB!

You are a gem and a gentleman!

Resume of John B. “Jack” Thompson As of 8/30/12

Personal History

Born in Cleveland, Ohio, July 25, 1951.  Aged 59 years.  Excellent health.
Social Security #xxxxxxxx.  United States citizen by birth.
Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, High School, Class of 1969
Denison University, Class of 1973, Bachelor of Arts degree
Vanderbilt University Law School, Class of 1976, Juris Doctor degree
Knox Theological Seminary, Class of 2012, Master of Artis degree
Resident of Miami-Dade County, Florida, since 1976
Resident at 5721 Riviera Drive, Coral Gables, Florida, since 1990
Married to Patricia Thompson since 1976. One son, Johnny, aged 20
Elder, Presbyterian Church in America, Member Granada Presbyterian

Work History

1976, Golf Shop Assistant, Ocean Reef Club, Key Largo, Florida
1976, Golf Shop Assistant, Key Biscayne Golf Links, Florida (part-time golf instructor)
1977, Of counsel lawyer to former U.S. Attorney William Meadows
1977-1979, Salesman for American Computer Corporation (Honeywell Computers),     Main customer, Lily Rubin (national women’s clothing)
1979-1980, In-House Legal Counsel, The Babcock Company, Coral Gables, FL
(Weyerhaeuser subsidiary)
1980-1981, Vice-President, Director of Development, Logoi, Inc. (Pastoral Training
Ministry in Latin America)
1981-1986, Junior Partner, Blackwell, Walker, Gray, Powers, Flick & Hoehl Law Firm,
Miami (Represented South Miami Hospital in all medical     malpractice cases,
supervising partner, Sam Powers, was President Richard Nixon’s first     impeachment counsel)
1986-2008, Sole law practitioner, Coral Gables, Florida
2000-2001, Writer for (Covered Elian Gonzalez story and 2000     Presidential race)
2008 to present, Retired from law practice, journalist for Human Events briefly in 2008-9
(conservative publication in Washington, D.C.), author of Tyndale House book,
Out of Harm’s Way, copy attached), seminary student and graduate
1992 to present, Appeared on more than 300 national and international television     programs, more than 800 radio programs around the world, more than 300 college     campuses, before the American Bar Association three times, before public     education groups warning and teaching re the danger of violent entertainment that     can consume teens,  and authored more than a dozen newspaper and magazine     articles
2012, volunteer patient visitor under auspices of Pastoral Care Center at South Miami Hospital, supervised by Reverend James Moon


Golfer, swimmer, bicyclist, and former marathon runner.  Maker of golf equipment.

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