How to Censor an Honest Attorney. Step 1, a bogus, copyright infringing complaint

What I don’t get is the ARDC used enough of my stuff — 16 copyrighted paragraphs —  to give the reader the sense that they are covering up something at the highest levels that requires them to pick on myself and Atty Ken Ditkowsky.

The ARDC Complaint of Jan 1, 2013

Ken’s Response: Motion to Dismiss re First Amendment

I will also publish these in line, but words cannot describe a most basic and malicous attck on my (yours) First Amendment rights!

What’s worse, as noted above, the entire complaint appears to be part of a massive coverup at the highest levels of Illinois Government.

This is not commercial speech, this is not even legal speech–this is a newsworthy blog.  People email me, call and text me they love the blog and my comments!  They are thrilled that someone can go up against “the system” for them.

I’ve never been censored before.  I’m clearly not Daniel Ellsberg–America’s most dangerous man (for exposing the fact that “war” is nothing but a profit center and a scam) or Julian Assange for basically doing the same thing.

Nice to know someone’s paying attention.

But the real problem is–why are they going after the miscreants and all they do is shoot the messenger, that’s what I want to know.


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