New question from Atty Ditowsky–why IS young Atty Leah Black so jaundiced at such an early stage in her career?

In a ‘perfect world’ the complaint would never have been filed; however, in this world it is clear that the ARDC is not interested in anything other than protecting Farenga, Stern, Schmiedel et al.   What is absolutely amazing is the fact that a young attorney (LB) would be so jaundiced at this point in her career to go along with the facade.   Everyone knows that your first amendment rights are violated by the averments and the prosecution of the complaint.  Everyone is aware that your defense of Gloria Sykes’ right to be left alone.   (except Gloria)   Everyone is aware of fact that the jurisdictional criterion were not met; however, the ‘judicial officials’ have decreed that the Illinois Supreme Court and the Illinois Appellate Court are inferior to the whim and caprice of Farenga, Stern et al.
Apparently there is a great deal more money in the Sykes estate than we figured – as consequences are sure to follow – why would these judicial officials take the risk of what is sure to follow.    The fiscal cliff is going to bring pressure on Treasury to collect the taxes due for the breaches of fiduciary relationship.    We know about *****.   What do we not know about!
Ken Ditkowsky
Dear Ken;
I have recently received more and more calls that people are probate court and OPG victims and it seems to perpetrate the highest levels of city, state and federal government.  I’m almost afraid to report it to the ARDC because they don’t want to know and they go after me.  Someone has promised me court records and a story involving millions of dollars, living like a pauper, threats of murder–all connected with the probate court system.  I’m going to check it out and see if there’s some truth there.  If not, I’ll let you know the other way.

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