You are hereby warned by Atty Leah Black and Atty Jerome Larkin that ANY ATTEMPT TO READ, DISSEMINATE OR PASS ALONG THE CONTENT OF THIS BLOG TO FRIENDS, FAMILY AND ASSOCIATES will result in the immediate, severe and strenuous prosecution of Atty JoAnne M Denison and Atty Kenneth Ditkowsky (together with any other attorneys the lynching party can find) for (horror of horros) reporting corruption, bias, injustice, denial of human rights, civil rights by the august (honored) likes of GALs Cynthia Farenga, Adam Stern and Justice Connors–who all wear little girl and boy pants and cry frequently over satire, humor and biting comments aimed at them.

Do NOT be distracted by the ARDC complaints against myself and Ken—be sure to report anything that makes you wet in your pants to Atty Leah Black and Atty Jerome Larkin at the ARDC.

Our pictures will soon be hung up at your local post office (not the younger, prettier more deceptive one on this blog) so you can see the real me.  I’m 55 and fluffy (but I blame that on my 4 kids).

Have a great time reading the complaint and I’ll put up a petition as to whether corruption in Chicago and Illinois MUST be censored and stamped out wherever it s found.

Remember–these are great Chicago traditions:  censor publication of corruption, vote early and often on election day; be sure to list dead relatives on your ballot so the ballot counters can add in their votes for “the machine” too.


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