Please Try to help Danielle in Ohio

Brief Synopsis:  Nancy Vallone has a midly autistic niece, Danielle, who was ripped out of her home 5 years ago in an abusive guardianship and placed in a state run tied in home because the proprietors get $273,000 per year for caring for her.

Since that time, Aunt Nancy knows that Danielle has been beaten, she has chipped, uncared for teeth from that, she is locked inside each day, every day, has limited visitors and complains she dislikes the staff and nursing home.  It is an abusive environment.

Danielle desperately wants to go home to her dear Aunt Nancy and have her teeth fixed, be provided with a stimulating, loving and caring environment where she is free to visit with friends and family and lead as normal a life as possible.

The situation is getting serious because Danielle has taken to cutting herself and acting out against her unfair captors.

Please read Aunt Nancy’s pleas below and provide whatever help you can:

Dear Mrs. Martin,
While we understand that you have someone talking to Danielle it is without a doubt not enough to address the deplorable circumstances and environment Danielle Rene Murphy, has endured the last 5 yrs. 
Her Health and Safety , The Constitution, Her Civil rights  US v. Olmstead, Rosie v Romney , Federal Medicaid Social Security Tite 19, 504/508 rehab, Due process are not to be debated and does not take into account the neglect and abuse. 
It appears All DODD and APSI philosophy, mission statement, rights are meaningless 

We respectfully request DoDD and APSI guardianship be terminated due to the multiple fraudulent actions under which it was obtained  through the use of false information, coercion, perjury , slander, defamation , NO DUE PROCESS, improper application and procedure by violating ARS 14.12301 , no hearing, Danielle  was not present, Danielle was denied an attorney,  
NO Jurisdiction, incorrect venue, discrimination and violation of of DOJ OCR ADA title II and III, IDEA and retaliation making their guardianship 
"null and void ab initio" without Jurisdiction .

Danielle is past the point of waiting. She absolutely hates every minute, has written about her disdain and is smart enough to know what has been done. She wants to be returned home . 
In the last month she is acting out the rage of a cornered animal  By cutting her wrist, stomach and throat and now attaching staff.   As quoted,  this is the failure of the system . 
A beautiful girls with autism has had to endure a horrible injustice and inhumane environment. 
Her life has been ruined by APSI for 5 yrs she can never get back .  

We are formally requesting Danielle be moved to a group home or home in Niles, Ohio since  Cuyahoga County was never established residency. 
Trumbull County does not use group homes. We have included links to various organizations in our local area who are able to provide necessary services for Danielle. Please take into consideration what is best for Danielle as well as the Disability Bill of Rights and do the right thing; return Danielle to her home, community and family.

We are not alone in this struggle we have the support of other families in the same situation with APSI and numerous other support organizations.
We will never give up .

Respectfully Submitted,
Nancy Vallone RN, MSN, BSN, CNS

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