More information on another case without Jurisdiction–Harry and Lydia Tyler

I met with MR and Sue Ellen D yesterday.  They are lovely women.  We are working on counter claims in federal court against James Drabik who sued them for defamation for also publishing the truth about the Probate case in the “holiday news letter”. Of course, this is while Lydia Tyler was under a guardianship and the Probate Judge told those family members in court to “keep the family informed.”

That defamation case was removed by agreement to Federal Court ND Ill. Mary R and Sue Ellen D or the “Pro Se Defendants” asked for and obtained a stay there. Then, they have just recently filed a Motion to Dismiss under 12(c) or for Judgement on the Pleadings.

All they did was tell the truth, namely, that James Drabik was appointed and nothing was inventoried in Cook County Probate.  This is DESPITE the fact that they have tracked $8 million from husband Harry’s estate (also not inventoried) to Lydia’s lacking-jurisdiction-Estate, where more money disappeared. (about $2 million there).

In Lydia’s estate, one sister “Dorothy” is conveniently left off the Notice by Petitioner of time, place and date.  Unfortunately for Atty Nancy Smith Leher, she was the Petitioner and swore that Certificate of Service and so is implicated directly.

Many lawyers and two major banks are involved in this probate case and the disappearance of $2 million in Lydia’s name between 2006 and 2010 when the estate was supposedly open and closed.

Good thing for us, the Federal court case was “stayed” pending the outcome of state court proceedings.  Those were never fully and finally determined–the probate judge just shut her books with no inventory or accounting.  BUT I think this means that all actions against the Drabik/Richards Nieces and Nephews were all tolled and we can file the full gamit of torts against them — 42 USC 1983, abuse of process, malicious prosecution, conversion, and perhaps wrongful death, if we can exhume the body, assuming there is one.

It turns out MR has an MS in nursing, and SE is a hospice chaplin.  But they were told by a probate judge neither was “fit” to serve as guardian.

Lydia was likely murdered.  MR and SE watched while Lydia was treated with “hospice” by Vesta Care–a wired in hospice provider.

Lydia at the time had no new illnesses.  No new diagnoses.  On Thursday she was playing bingo with friends and eating meals at the assisted living center with her friends.  On Friday, in hospice, they put a sign over her bed, “no fluids or food.”  Then they stuck morphine patch after morphine patch on her until she died of thirst and starvation in about a month or so.  MR and SE had to stand by and watch this–both having a nursing background, they had to watch their dear aunt Lydia be murdered.

They complained but others asserted that Lydia was in severe pain (she was not) and had to have constant morphine.

I don’t know what happened to Lydia’s body, but it should be exhumed with a full autopsy and JD should be sent to prison for his criminal behavior.

I was a bit shocked when they told me the story.  Via the Sykes case I have learned of and watched conversion, fraud on the court, abuse of process, malicious prosecution, wrongful eviction, false imprisonment–you know, the entire 10 page Table of Torts published here that the ARDC conveniently ignores.

I guess it was only a matter of time before I encountered the theft of millions, coupled with deliberate and intentional murder.  Well, it certainly looks like it, now doesn’t it?  No food or fluids, heavy doses of morphine and if the senior wakes up, she is shot up with more narcotics.

What I didn’t know was that you could hire this and have it blessed by the probate court.  With no investigation, with a GAL looking the other way, either blind as a bat or paid off.

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