Another Call for an Investigation and more case law from Atty Ditkowsky

Stare Decisis et Non Quieta Movere Ballard County v. Kentucky County Debt Commission 290 KYL 770  162 S. W2d 771, 773 is a principle that is applicable to the Sykes and related cases had anyone had the audacity to read either the statute or the case law.    The Legislation is memorialized in the Probate Act.   The Illinois Probate Act is 755 ILCS 5/11a – ***.    The key statutory provision is section 10.    The interpretation of Section 10 is found in two cases, to wit:  In re:  Estate of Steinfeld 158 Ill 2d 1 (1994) and In the Matter of guardianship of Ralph Sodini  527 Ill App3d 1055.
The State of Illinois is nearly insolvent.     In the Sykes and similar cases valuable dollars have been wasted by persons employed by the State of Illinois by judicial authorities to ‘cover up’ the corruption of legally trained and employed people fighting the principle of Stare Decisis.     Indeed, an examination of the Sykes case as an example points out that:
1) Jurisdiction was not obtained so as to appoint a guardian.    Examination of the Petition (section 8) reveals that all the disclosures were not made – in particular, Carolyn T the person seeking to be appointed guardian never disclosed the fact that she was and did act as attorney in fact pursuant to a power of attorney.    An issue might exist as to whether or not the criterion prescribed the statute for service on Mary was accomplished, and an issue might be raised as to whether the Statute was complied with concerning the protections mandated for Mary; however, there is no doubt whatsoever that the 14 days prior notice of the hearing to determine Mary Sykes’ competency was ignored.    Thus, as a matter of law (and Stare Decisis) the past three years of activity in the Sykes case have been without jurisdiction.
2) Sums either equal to or greater than a million dollars have been secreted and not inventoried.
3) Judges who have been alerted to the lack of jurisdiction have done nothing but continue the facade.     One judge even when so far as to ‘sanction’ and fine yours truly when I indicated that I was going to investigate that issue, and ultimately determined the lack of jurisdiction.     The full force of the Circuit Court was applied to deny me my First Amendment Rights and it was obviated when the Appellate Court of Illinois determined that the Court neglected to obtain jurisdiction over me.     More State funds were wasted when the Illinois Attorney Registration and Discipline commission commenced proceedings against for further exercise of my First Amendment and Liberty interests.     More State funds will be expended in the State officials in their official and person capacity having to address my Civil Rights claims and the recently minted oxymoronic claims promulgated threatened against Attorney JoAnne Denision for advocating an honest, complete and comprehensive investigation of this entire sorry affair.
It is my understanding that many have attempted to access the Court File of Sykes case and large portions of the file are ‘missing!’     The ‘art’ of making adverse documents and records disappear is not a new one.    When I was a youngster I remember the annual conflagrations that occurred on the floor 3 and 1/2.    I remember some lawyers defending troublesome cases by ‘stealing the file!’    I also remember the 18 minutes of tape recordings uncovered during the investigation of some presidential conduct.    Nothing is new except that this perfidy involves you and I and our liberty and property rights are threatened along with the liberty, property, civil, and human rights of many who cannot protect themselves and our ‘society’ and our government has vowed to protect.
The time for law enforcement and the ‘good citizens’ is now!    I watched the victims of  Greylord 2    [The current cancer troubling the legal profession] struggle against the well ‘clouted’ miscreants who enjoy the fruits of the non-inventory and dissipation of senior citizen assets toss aside the Rights, Privileges and Immunities of their victims with the full consent and connivance of certain public officials (including judges) and respectfully submit that this fiasco has to cease and desist instanter.
I do not know if the recent attack on my e-mail account is related to any part of this transaction; but, I have trouble with coincident.    It is my paranoid belief that there are none.    Mr. Chambers traced some of the nefarious activity to domestic sources.      We have filed the appropriate claims.     I apologize for any inconvenience that anyone suffered.
As citizens we have to remember that democracy is not a spectator sport and we have to continue to demand that law enforcement prosecute an honest complete and comprehensive investigation as to who in 2013 senior citizens have been and are being deprived of the liberty, property, civil rights and human right be a small group of miscreants.    How in ‘heaven’s name’ in the United States of America could a travesty such as In re: Sykes continue for three years unabated?
Ken Ditkowsky

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