The right to Free Speech and the Right to Blog and Party Favors

Dear Readers;

Today Ken Ditkowsky called me and asked if I had heard anything from the ARDC and I told him I had not.  Now, I understand that the Hearing Panel rubber stamped Cynthia Farenga’s complaint against me calling for an investigation of the Sykes case which has been operating without jurisdiction for 3 years and still is operating without jurisdiction.  Ken thinks maybe the Ill. App.’s will trash it on other grounds, for example, say the order was not full and final, but I don’t think you need a full and final order to appeal jurisdiction and that’s really the point of jurisdiction–you can’t get haled into court unless and until there’s jurisdiction.  Gloria’s one week point is that she has filed papers in court without first filing a “special and limited appearance” objecting to jurisdiction, but she can file the appeal on behalf of the two sisters who were never served and she has their declarations and they are published on this blog.  so I don’t think that’s it either.  In any case, I think if the Appeal court is doing it’s job, Gloria, Ken and I will be vindicated and Mary will go home.  Finally.

But getting back to any First Amendment based ARDC trial against ME.  I’ve been thinking. first of all, GAL Adam Stern is going to be a wreck because I will get to blog, and I’m blogging about him, and I don’t think he can stand it.  Next is the fact that when Leah Black starts to go on and on about asking AS and CF if they’ve ever had a bad idea in their lives and how Mary has no money and no one’s seen it and how they’re sure the court has jurisdiction, let’s just stipulate to all that BS.  We all know that AS and CF have never had a bad idea in their entire lives, so what IS the point.  That becomes a he said-she said contest.

The true issue is to show LB, the Administrator and the Hearing Panel on how not only do attorneys have the ability to criticize courts that are corrupt and out of control, they have the DUTY to do so.  AS and CF should have told Judge Stuart long ago that Sodini notices were not served and the case should be nonsuited and refiled.  That’s sleezy.

Adam Stern should never have told Gloria she’ll never get guardianship and she’ll never see her mother again.  Again, total sleeze ball.  What a creep.  There, I’ve said it (again).

So what party favors does one bring to a creep show like that?

1) a painting of the advisory board and/or CF and AS wearing pasties and a g-string like King Harold Washington. (7th circuit case–‘mirth and girth” Google it)
2) a set of valors of medals from ebay, complete with certificates fresh from china to pass around the court room (SCOTUS case Alvarez, google it)
3) “secret” pentagon papers from wikileak that show every war is nothing but a profitability scam for mega war corps who bilk the US and other nations billions each year to bomb women and children and then heavily advertise it as being a glamorous crusade in the “best security interests”.  Yeah, sell me some swampland in Florida, will ya.

4) and of course, the old standard of burn your own flag kits.  a small flag and a pack of matches in baggies with instructions: 1) light match; 2) touch flame to flag.  Make a statement.

and of course, I fully well intend to blog throughout the proceeding esp. when AS is on the stand.

every party needs a few party favors!

Let me know if anyone else has any ideas.

5 thoughts on “The right to Free Speech and the Right to Blog and Party Favors

  1. Thank you!!! The party favor suggestions had tears rolling down my face and I’m surprised I didn’t fall off my chair. I for one will enjoy reading you blog about AS.

    It’s been over a year since my Mom has been able to see her sister Mary (Mary Sykes). Repeated correspondence with Mr. Stern eventually resulted in an odd offer of a lunch visit at the Toerpes. Why AS feels that Carolyn should be present to police all conversation between her mother and everyone else is interesting. Does he think anyone would be cruel enough to tell my Aunt the truth?

    No one has the heart; it would probably kill her.

    • Dear Kathie;

      Thanks so much for writing this. It could not have come at a better time. KDD just emailed me the ARDC complaint against me and guess what—it is replete—with the truth on how Gloria was railroaded, Mary was denied her human and civil rights and how the ARDC is going after me for just running a blog.

      Imagine that. An attorney blogging to speak out against corruption and greed. What were they thinking when I got into law school on the grounds I wanted to help people?

      KDD says I have to wait to publish my making fun of the miscreants and ARDC until he gets his response done and a Motion to Dismiss in light of the First Amendment to the US Constitution and the Illinois constitution, but I can wait for fun!

      Attorneys are supposed to be protected for speaking out against corruption and they are supposed to have immunity doing so–so says the ARDC on one hand. But the ARDC did not mention this once in the complaint.

      The entire complaint is about me blogging and how I must be stopped. It’s an obvious (and futile) attempt to shut me up.

      So keep posted. I can hardly wait to make fun of that one. The ARDC and all attorneys are supposed to uphold and enforce the US constitution and the Illinois Constitution. In this case, they trample that to isolate Mary, deny her and your mother their human rights and civil rights.

      How much desperate evil is done when Mary G Sykes is isolated from her beloved sisters.

      Maybe your mom is too sick to come to court, but perhaps she might have a piece of mind or two or three to share now with the ARDC!


      • You’re welcome!

        The entire thing is truly too tough on Mom.  She puts on a brave front, says she’s come to terms with it, but that’s all bs.  She cried every night for a solid year when this first started.  Mom’s a fighter, but no one in power seems to care or want justice, and she’s very discouraged.  I can’t even imagine how she feels, let alone Gloria.   

        I think our (we as a nation) perspective on the elderly is skewed.  Do we not realize, that some day (if we’re blessed), we may achieve the age of 70, 80, 90, or perhaps even 100?

        Age in itself does not signify mental frailty.  However, Dad’s 3 emergency room trips in 1 week (he fell down the stairs at my house), showed me just how callous and lackadaisical even people in the medical profession have become. 

        AND, even if someone is not at the top of their game, is it okay to write them off?  Take advantage of them, and push them into storage facilities until they’re gone? Fortunately, it seems that we are finally looking at children with special needs with some compassion.  Time we start applying that to our elders.

        Is it just me, or did people pay more attention in the 60’s?  My parents weren’t happy seeing people protesting the war, but eventually the message got through, and while they would never let me join in, their viewpoint’s changed.  Am I seeing things differently as an adult, or have we changed as a people? 

        I find it so difficult to believe, that this all is still being swept under the rug.  Does no one (on the 18th floor) have the ethics to do what should be done?  In reality, if they toss it, Carolyn would just refile, and probably get it again, for all that anyone does the necessary leg work, or pays attention to the facts.

        The ARDC’s stance is highly disturbing.  They seem to be exhibiting a pattern.  I wonder how many other attorney’s they have done the same to?   Seems to me that the ACLU gets interested when a specific group is being targeted.   Just a thought …

        Please, keep on keeping on!

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