In re Wyman–Appeal Filed!

Below are the documents to file an appeal for lack of jurisdiction based upon failure to serve the notice of hearing by the petitioner 14 days in advance of the date, time and place of hearing to all adult siblings and children.

I also believe in this case, the Respondent, an alleged disabled person, was not served with a summons or complaint.  Data from the nursing home indicates that at the time or shortly there after Ms. Wyman was scoring 26 to 29 on “mini mentals” indicating that she did not need to be in a nursing home (against her will–read the book), nor did she need to have a guardian appointed for her.  But she wrote in her diary she wanted to have an atty to fight the guardianship but neither the GAL nor the judge ever appointed one for her.

This is a familiar song in our nation’s probate courts.

Read the notice of appeal and docketing statement, Motion for an Expedited appeal (because Mrs. Wyman is 80 and they are threatening to sell her house.)

John Howard Wyman tells me he is proud to share these appeals documents and he hopes it helps others and he hopes it will start to uncorrupt our very corrupt probate court system.

In re Wyman–Notice of Appeal, Motion to Expedite Appeal, Docketing Statement

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