Sykes Probate files which were imaged Mar 2011 to Oct 2012

I believe the following zip file contains all the Sykes pleadings from March of 2011 to present clearly showing that when AS told the court that “jurisdiction had been brought up many times before and it was denied.”  That was a lie.  I have challenged him to produce the alleged orders and so far, nada.  I have the orders through Jan 2010 and nothering there.  After that, KDD was involved in the case in 2010, he went to several court hearings and status calls and he has shown me his files and shared them with me and there are no such orders, so where are they then?  PS said he recalls filing an appeallate breif arguing this point, but that was a lie because GJSs brief was dismiss for 341 or formatting (margins and page length) non compliance, so that was a lie.

The Court seems to think that PS and AS can do not wrong, AS is supposed to be the “eyes and ears of the court” as Mary’s GAL, but it seems he is in dire need of better contact lenses and a good hearing aid.

AS and PS are silent on this one.  They have produced nothing, filed nothing.

BUT they could be honest about all of this and save GJS the time and trouble of filing an appeal BY DOING THE RIGHT THING AND CALLING TO DISMISS THE CASE for lack of jurisdiction (Sodini)

Here are the files:

Probate case 09 P 4585 from Mar 2011 to Oct 2012

and the direct link, in case that one breaks:


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