From Ken Ditkowsky — Keep up the emails and blogging, the probate storm continues

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Rome was not built in a day.   It took years to put Al Capone in jail.    It took a world war to rid us the 1936 National Socialists.
The helpless are prime targets for abuse, neglect and exploitation.    The seniors worked a lifetime to accumulate a few dollars and for the miscreants with a little political clout each senior is a ‘candy store!’    Mary Sykes had a million dollars in untraceable Au coins.   All the plenary guardian had to do was to remove them from the safety deposit box and Cynthia Farenga (who admitted under oath having no knowledge as to what was removed from the safety deposit box) was ready willing and able to not only deny the existence of a million dollars in assets, but obtain the co-operation of the Illinois ARDC to try to stop me from objecting to inventories promulgated by the plenary guardian that deleted the Au coins.
Au this morning is over $1,700 an ounce.    That means the ‘double eagle’ coins have a value of over $3,500 each.   The container in which the coins were kept was described by family members as being about a foot high (mail sack) and filled about 50%.    The diameter was about six inches.    Most of the coins were in the coin containers that collectors usually use.    (I have not seen the sack or the coins – Mary when she can to see me had a coin with her)    Mary’s Sibling described the coins in open court and Gloria has furnished the information in her affidavits.     (It is my information that some of the coins that were from the A. B estate belonged to Gloria – and with their current value a ‘felony theft’ has occurred that Gloria has disclosed to law enforcement and is being ignored).
The ABC report is progress.   It is also a ‘red flag’ directed to law enforcement that a new Hurricane Sandy is on the horizon and their inaction may prove very embarrassing for them.   The report is clear in saying to the media you can either be part of the problem or part of the solution.   The wrath of the public that will be generated will not have room for prisoners!
Ken Ditkowsky

2 thoughts on “From Ken Ditkowsky — Keep up the emails and blogging, the probate storm continues

    • That’s what I would hope too, they would put a detective on it. Actually, SOME person could do the same thing by getting ahold of all of CT’s accounts and reviewing them for where her money is coming from but SOME person either doesn’t know that, or does not have the lawyers she needs.
      So the case is still cold, waiting for either law enforcement or Mary’s relatives to heat it up.

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