Amazing new site–the official “back burner”

You just have to check out this site.  While there is not a lot of content, just a couple of articles and a couple of chapters of a book, the site is amazing and mind boggling.

It tells the story and philosophy of elder abuse and exploitation and explains why no one cares.  After reading this site, I know why the Probate courts have been lax, and why the ARDC thinks that anyone who screams out about elder abuse and exploitation is crazy.

There is nothing to prove and no one cares when the victim is 90!

How many 90 year olds does anyone know?  I got to know quite a few in my charitable work and through my church, but I have to admit, I was always amazed at what they knew and what they were doing.

Who isn’t amazed and ponders how Grandma Moses from age 70 to 100 was one of the most prolific and talented US painters with 1600 paintings of amazing quality that invoked numerous emotions and understandings as you gazed at her works–the works of an artist, a seasoned observer of Americana, a person who knew the innermost details of ourselves as persons born and/or living in this country for decades.

He starts with the old classic of Arsenic and Old Lace and leads us through a plethora of criminals and their victims that typically take years to find, to incriminate and eventually prosecute.  He explains why victims of the elderly are so dismissed, are put aside and become the official “back burner” of society and even criminologists and criminal prosecutors.

After spending just 30 minutes on his website, I was very moved.

We need more bloggers like this dedicated man.


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