Atty Ken Ditkowsky speaks out on Guardianship abuse–Blogspot radio

Dear Readers;

While the ARDC was primarily concerned about the dozens and dozens of emails viligantly and heroically sent out by KDD to investigate the case of Mary G Sykes, whom this website is dedicated to, there are other avenues he can utilize to accomplish this goal to even more people, and that is through blogspot radio.

Here is an excellent radio program with a ton and ton of information on guardianships, corruption, probate corruption, probate abuse, lack of investigation into nursing home abuses, etc.

Please visit this link and check out the show.  It’s 90 minutes long, but well, well worth it.  You will be listening to other people complaining about nursing home abuse, elder abuse–and it falls on deaf ears!  Even worse, the people that complain are often banned from the nursing home, banned from seeing their loved one — because the investigations are too time consuming!  One woman from California was told she could not sue the conservator for having her mom put in an abusive nursing home until the mom died!

Ken Ditkowsky does Blog Spot Radio, October 2012

If you are suffering from situations like these, know that you are not alone.  We need to clean up court systems that engage and promote such behaviors where seniors and the disabled are clearly suffering and nothing is done.

Illinois has a great Probate Act and many other laws that protect the due process rights of the elderly, disabled and their families but these laws are being ignored or are not being used properly.


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